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Originally Posted by katerose View Post
I would agree, except that a. She might appreciate the extra interest with people that might actually buy her product and b. I'm sure she has a set amount of samples she's willing to give out and will stop when she stops offering is up to her
Welcome to the board katerose!

My reasoning was that I got the impression from the site that this is a seamstress looking for local business. She mentioned that she would come to your house to take measurements, so I doubt if she was planning to ship thousands of free hats nationwide to people who obviously wouldn't be hiring her. Of course she can just stop when she runs out, provided her site hasn't crashed by then from the thousands of requests that she'll probably be getting!

I don't mind requesting samples of things I know I'll never buy if it's from a big company, but I just feel guilty doing that from small business owners who are probably struggling to stay afloat. JMHO though, and your post was appreciated nonetheless!
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