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Wowmarker Don't Buy Store Warranties On Your Electronic Purchases

We got a wunnerful deal on our phone warranty through SQUARE TRADER (when the phone went belly-up a month or so ago, we got an entirely new phone for nothing). Of course, we're using Square Trader to get a warranty on our recent television purchase, but waiting until the month turns (you normally have 90 days within purchase to buy a warranty) . The codes below EXPIRE November 29th, so if you buy something during this weekend, use them to get your warranty at 35% off Square Trader's normal (low) rate!

As an example, a 40-inch $500 Samsung LED HD TV 3-year warranty normally goes for $38.99 (already a pretty low price, but with one of the codes, you could take 35% off of this amount)!!

Coupon Code is valid for 35% off, up to a maximum of $35 through 23:59 PT November 29th, 2011.

Coupon is only applicable to warranties purchased at by U.S. residents, and we are currently unable to sell warranties to residents of Maine due to state regulatory issues. Coupon offer is not available on, QVC, Costco,, Crutchfield, Abt Electronics, Vanns Inc,, TigerDirect, CompUSA,, Global computers, InfoTel and Purchasing Power, as well as government and businesses.

Warranties must be purchased within 90 days of item purchase date, except for warranties with ADH coverage and warranties for items bought on eBay, which must be purchased within 30 days. Coupon may not be combined with any other offer. Coupon cannot be applied retroactively to past purchases. Coupon offer is not available for warranty orders in bulk for education purposes.





(May have more next month) If you use one of these codes, please post the number of the one you used, so that someone else can use the next one and, if you are given discount codes and don't plan to use them, please share them here with us. (We get discount codes all the time, I just never thought to post them.)
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