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Hi everyone! A lot has been going on in my life the past several months and I have not been able to post much. I lost a brother, went to his funeral in Arkansas, got sick and had to delay coming back home. Got well and came home and ended up in the hospital for a week due to the illness I had while in Arkansas. Now, I am all well and my daughter is going through a divorce and is moving in a few doors down from me here in Florida. That means I have my 4 year old granddaughter most of the time while they are getting settled in.

Nancy busted me on a win back in January (LOL) so I thought I had better post it here. I was the December winner in Wholly Guacamole's facebook recipe contest and won a very nice portable grill. It is a Char Broil Grill 2 Go with ice chests on the bottom. The winners (3 a month for 4 months, I believe) were then entered into a Grand Prize drawing for an XZipit Lazy Boy Recliner, and a years supply of almonds, chips and guacamole. I was notified recently that I was the Grand Prize winner as well! My grown sons are all trying to claim it as theirs! LOL ...they ain't gettin' it!

Anyway, I will try and get in here when I can! Miss you all!
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