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Default Survey 07/17 Now Watch Carefully

I FEEL like a teacher (now watch) ok here go's ..i do suveys with Maria
been there a minute some have heard as Marie Brighton and my surveys come from FROM HER I WAS ASKED TO JOIN A SITE called AT THIS SITE you can test perfume and and its like a blog. today they have a survey on hard wood floors but i do not want to give you my check in cause it woiuld not give you the points and most time she pays you anyway in check SOO go to the site (its points that add up to cash she sends checks only)

sign up with maria too but if asked tell her MARYLOU SAKOSKY SENT YOU cause she may ask (been there 8 yrs) i wont get no money or points dont worry just gets YOU in AND THE INVITE SEE to fragrance .net came from maria Also frangrance is on FACEBOOK SO if you are ask there HOW TO SIGN UP otherwise go to site and writte and ask where it says contact us under member services i dont get alot just in time when i run out perfume ITS FUN i meet others and share stuff and scents so there you go ...
not sure if i mentioned and new one for the GOVENMENT SOO COOL
NOW you busy lolol hugs to all God Bless and cys

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