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Folks, Obama was a C and D student in high school. He smoked dope and did drugs all through his time at Occidental in California. He was, however, smart enough to apply to Columbia using his Indonesian name and adopted identity of Soebarkah to game the admissions system at a time when the Ivy Leagues were DESPERATE to fill diversity quotas with English-speakers from Oceania (Indonesia really fit the bill with that, didn’t it?). I maintain that the real reason Obama’s been so mysterious about his past — and in particular about his college records — is because he received generous scholarships and financial aid packages by applying to school as an Indonesian citizen, not as an American. I bet he also benefited from funds provided by the Wahabi Saudi Royal family — which has been financing the studies of Muslims in the Ivy League for years. I’m convinced Obama never got a grade above a C or a D in his life unless it was in Islamic studies and that the weirdness surrounding John Roberts needing to readminister his oath of office a second time in 2009 relates to the fact that his legal name is still Soebarkah and not “Barack Obama” as he claims (because his mother changed his name legally to Soebarkah in the 1970s when his stepfather Lolo Soetoro adopted him, but Obama never changed his name back again to “Barack Obama” legally since no record of such a name change exists). For sake of clarity, we should all just call this man “Bathhouse Barry” from now on and end all confusion. Rub, a dub, dub!
If you’ve even casually observed the last four years with this man in the White House you’d know Bathhouse Barry (has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) is an incompetent bumbler who does not much like people and is not inclined to work hard; the guy is a figurehead who enjoys the perks of office and is in the position he’s in because the Democrat Party wanted to run a black man for President because they assumed that with someone black in office the Left could just call all of his critics racists and they’d be able to pass anything they wanted. The Clintons had tried to set Harold Ford Jr. up to become the first black president one day (after Hillary), but he lost his Senate race in Tennessee and then married a blonde white woman so his national political career is done (since black women hate black men who marry white women…and no Democrat wins high office with baggage like that). Jesse Jackson tried for years to make his son Jesse Jr. presentable as a potential “first black president”, but his drug and mental problems doomed any chance of that years ago. Seeing an opportunity to elect just about anyone in 2008 after Bush (and with Republicans stupidly running “it’s his turn” candidate John McCain), the Left pushed Hillary Clinton aside because they knew the intellectually incurious and fame-seeking Obama would essentially let lefties do whatever they pleased if he was in office (and Hillary couldn’t be so easily controlled like that because, well, she’s Hillary Rodham Clinton). Obama wanted glory and lavish living free of charge and the Left wanted free rein over the country with zero oversight, checks, or balances.
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