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Let's see now....I have pretty much well gotten crap up until yesterday, lol

Yesterday and today were crazy! In no particular order.....

A big box from the CDC with 4 small clip boards with little note pads and 4 PSA laminated placemats, little 2 sheet sample from Bounce, sample from Downey plus whitening, 2 breakfast bars from Quaker Oats, 2 itty bitty foil pouch samples from Lavere (eye cream), two trial foil pouch samples from Pantene, one Trojan (hee, hee), the best was the Mario Badescu GREAT sample kit, Dove mini deodarant, letter from Land-O-Lakes saying nix-nay on the butter, Mary Kay samples for microdermabrasion, Time Life and Prevention mags., shell $2.00 phone card, tiny sample packet from Juvo natural foods.....

The mail lady definitely gave me a funny look. hee, hee, I have only been a "Freebie Hunter" for two months, have only gotten a few things up until yesterday - it takes a while for the stuff to start arriving. Don't lose heart if you haven't gotten anything yet - keep participating and they will come

Lori Ann
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