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Originally Posted by Missy
Does any one out there have any low or no carb recipes? My husband & I are on Atkins for the second time and I am lost on what to cook tonight. I can't remember all the things that I cooked last time, and its frustrating. I make everything with Splenda, can't live with out my sweet tea! And I love the low carb tortillas, so we have had a ton of mexican lately. Let me know if there's any ideas out there
My guy lost over 90lbs on definitely works! And it is great for diabetics. Try the whole wheat soft tortillas...they have 4 carbs each. you can find them in wal-mart near the lunchmeat and with the white flour ones---they are in the refrigerated section. I made him pizza on those, egg-bacon-cheese rollups, soft tacos, steakkum, you can use them for just about anything...even regular sandwiches! hope that helps some---they only cost about 2.79 for 8. If I made hot dogs for dinner, he would cut up the weiners and add chile and cheese-no bread! You give a little with the chile, but hey, no bread. They do make whole wheat hot dog buns. P.S. Don't but atkins pancake's really nasty. and sugar free doesn't always mean carb free....we learned that the hard way!!!

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