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Default Who knows??

Right now we are totally unsure of when we will go. The trip has to be taked before 12/31/06. Right now I just have an enormous stack of paperwork to sign off on, get notarized and send it back to them letting them know that I accept the prize. After that then I will get all the information on black out dates and such. We would love to go at Christmas time next year - but not sure if that will be an option! My dd starts kindergarden this year - so I guess now we'll have to work around her school schedule!

Sooo... Anyone ever been to Universal Studios? Everytime we go to Orlando we just go to Disney. How far from U.S. is Disney? Is ther any chance we could sneak over there for one day of our trip? Should be interesting. Me, DH, dd (5) and ds (2).
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