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Old 03-09-2006, 03:44 PM
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Question Unsolicited CDs and the Environment

We all get them. Some company that you don't want to hear from sends a CD in the mail trying to get you to join something or buy something. Like today when the umpteenth CD from peoplepc online arrived in my mailbox. I have never been in contact with that company and don't want mail from them especially CDs. (I know someone will say well we buy them with movies and music and whatever on them so what's the difference. I have no argument for that.)

These companies don't give a hoot about the environment as far as I am concerned. I would bet 90% of these unsolicited CDs end up in people's trash. BUT, it takes more then 50 years, so I have read, for CDs to break down in land fills and other types of dumps. These CDs are made with a variety of metals and chemicals which will end up in MOTHER EARTH. So future generations will have to deal with this polution and possibly diseases caused by this stuff. My peeve is that these companies send millions of CDs out a month and if they would just stop it would help the environment some.
Not a total resolution, I know.

I am not 100% sure how to totally destroy a CD so it can't harm our environment. The article I read about how long it takes for them to 'decompose' added that you can melt CDs in a microwave...takes about 8 minutes. That ought to tell us something about what they are made of if it takes 8 minutes to melt one. But the article didn't go on to say how to safely dispose of the melted CD. Perhaps melting them breaks down the metals and chemicals enough to make them safe to just toss in the trash.

Anyone know more about this subject?

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