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Old 04-06-2007, 05:27 PM
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Lookicon $200-$350 Mobile Phone Research Study - Chicago, IL Area

One of the world's largest market research companies is conducting in-home, full-day research studies April 17-19. This is strictly market research and you will not be asked to purchase products. This is a very involved study that begins in your home, includes lunch, and ends at a focus group center downtown. Only respondents that can complete the study for the entire day should apply to this posting. Qualified participants will be paid $200-$350 for their time. Interested respondents should confidentially apply to the listed email with answers to the following questions. Please answer as honestly as possible as we need a range of different types of people for this study. You will be contacted by phone within the next few business days if it appears that you qualify for this study. Thank you for your interest in research.

1) In what zip code do you live?
2) What is your name and contact phone number?
3) Are you available to participate in a full day research study April 17, 18 or 19?
4) Would you be totally comfortable being interviewed by two people in your home?
5) What is your employment status?
6) In what industries do the members of your household work?
7) Do you personally use a mobile phone?
8) Who paid for your mobile phone?
9) Were you given a choice of handsets to pick or not?
10) Who pays for the ongoing cost of the mobile phone and its services?
11) When do you expect to replace your current mobile phone?
12) Which of the following applies to you when a new electronic device comes out? (Please be honest; we need a range of people).
-I like to buy it immediately
-I buy it if its hip/trendy, but not the first one to get it
-I get it as soon as possible if I see it has benefits to my lifestyle
-I get it after a while when the price has come down and more people have it
-I'm not really interested in getting the latest technologies.

13) Please indicate which statement in each pair of statements best reflects your views.

My ideal mobile phone has the features I feel I need and not much else
My ideal mobile phone has all the latest features

My ideal mobile phone has a good lookoing and discreet design
My ideal mobile phone has the most cutting-edge/fashionable design

I am willing to pay for the very latest mobile phone
I am willing to pay for a quality mobile phone that has everything I need

For me, a mobile phone is mainly a means to get in touch with people
For me, a mobile phone is about much more than just making calls

I have a mobile phone out of necessity
I could not live without my mobile phone

I am always on the lookout for new developments in mobile phone technology
I don't pay much attention to advances in mobile technology

The mobile phone people have says alot about them
A mobile phone is just a pohne and does not necessarily reflect personality

14) Please select the 5 features you find most important in a mobile phone
(5 only please)

-just does the basics
-looks long lasting
-feels familiar
-Is compact and has an up-to-date feature set
-Looks modern and stylish
-Feels well-designed
-Helps me juggle my daily live
-Looks good wherever I take it
-Feels instantly usable and great in the hand

15)Which of the following best describes the activities, sports or hobbies that you really enjoy doing when you are not at work. (please pick no more than 3)
-Movies and Film
-Competitive Sports
-Outdoor activities
-The Arts
-Computer related activities
-Reading Literature
-Do-It-Yourself Projects

16) What make is your current mobile phone?
17) What is your age?

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Location: Chicago
Compensation: $200-$350
This is a contract job.
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