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Old 04-13-2007, 09:08 PM
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Freeicon Windows Vista Transformation Pack 6 - Download

What's New in This Release:

∑ Added additional Vista related applications:
∑ |-thoosje's brand new Vista Sidebar
∑ |-VisualTooltip (Taskbar thumbnail view and also have docking mode)
∑ |-Styler with Kaye Irene's Vista Perfection X4 Styler Toolbar
∑ |-Blaero's Start Orb (fix cutting edge start orb in msstyles)
∑ |-Stianu89 and Blue Eyes' Vista Live Messenger RC skin
∑ Added applying Vista setup screen transformation in setup integration
∑ Added browsable System files source for uninstallation so user can restore original system files from setup CD during uninstallation
∑ Added display configuration for the best view of machine's display
∑ Added fixing file's PE checksum after resource patching to keep files more secure
∑ Added Launch & Maintenance Center in transformation destination in case user already have transformed the system
∑ Added missing modifype.exe for Windows XP operating system
∑ Added partially x64 support for Vista visual stuff but not for system files (experimental)
∑ Added option to reserved updated system files after uninstallation or not
∑ Added skipping system file verification patch on setup integration
∑ Added Vista RTM system applications transformation:
∑ |-Photo printing wizard
∑ |-Remote Desktop Connection
∑ |-Volume Control
∑ |-Windows Task Manager
∑ |-System Restore
∑ |-Connection Manager
∑ |-Windows Update Client
∑ |-Media Center
∑ Fixed bugs caused by deleting important files from integration after transformation
∑ Fixed bugs in file-patching engine for uxtheme.dll and resources data
∑ Fixed missing files during the installation caused by setup integration
∑ Fixed resources patching failure during setup integration
∑ Fixed themes uninstallation problem (Themes still exist)
∑ Fixed user picture's frame border disappearance in logon screen
∑ Fixed uxtheme.dll patching system (now I use patched files to avoid possible patching problems)
∑ Removed additional boot screen resources removal
∑ Removed manual transformation and let user decide to modify system files or not instead
∑ Removed un-neccessary system files operations
∑ Removed unattended transformation and servicces stopping for Norton Antivirus and System Restore (obsolete)
∑ Updated license agreement dialog (User must click "I accept" radio button before clicking Next button)
∑ Updated system files transforming method to use PendingFileRenameOperations trick
∑ Updated updating the transformation to act like never applying the transformation before
∑ Updated Vista RTM boot screen
∑ Updated Vista RTM icons
∑ Updated Vista RTM logon background
∑ Updated Vista RTM screensaver
∑ Updated Vista RTM sounds scheme
∑ Updated Vista RTM system dialogs
∑ Updated Vista RTM wallpapers
∑ Updated visual styles
∑ |-Changed theme'structure to be the same with different shellstyles
∑ |-changed visual stylees' name to match with Vista RTM
∑ |-Fixed CaptionButton alignment problem when maximized in Vertical shellstyle WindowBlinds theme
∑ |-Fixed ToolbarBackground sizing mismatched from real Vista style
∑ |-Fixed shellstyle background color mismatch in some areas
∑ |-Updated frame border in Windows Aero visual style
∑ |-Updated StartGroupToolBarButton
∑ |-Updated TaskBandButton back to default ones
∑ |-Updated TaskBandGroup's backgroun and button.
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Old 04-14-2007, 05:00 AM
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