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Old 06-20-2007, 05:19 AM
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Default Avandia Users - You May Be Entitled to Compensation

If you or someone you love was injured by this dangerous drug, you
need to contact an Avandia diabetes drug attorney right away. You
may be entitled to financial compensation for your Avandia heart attack, heart valve disease, edema, blood artery disease, or primary pulmonary hypertension, but if you hesitate in contacting a PPH attorney you could miss your chance for restitution. Contact our Avandia heart failure lawyers today.

New Avandia Heart Attack Risks Study: May 21 2007.
A new study on the drug Avandia released by the New England Journal notes major health implications for diabetic patients.
The study shows data from 42 studies involving 15,560 patients who took the drug and 12,283 patients who were given other medications or a placebo. According to this new study it was noted that patients getting Avandia were 43 percent more likely to have a heart attack.
A comment was made by Mr. Steven Nissen, the chairman of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. ``Unfortunately, rosiglitazone appears to increase, rather than decrease, the most serious complication of diabetes, heart disease.''
Older studies in the U.S. have shown a total of 158 heart attacks and 61 deaths from cardiovascular causes among the patients in the studies, which generally lasted from six months to a year.
In December 2005, GlaxoSmithKline and FDA alerted healthcare professionals to new information regarding the potential of serious and potentially life-threatening side effects of the popular diabetes mellitus type 2 treating drug Avandia. Avandia is an oral treatment intended to control blood sugar levels that almost 5.3 million people have used since it was approved in 1999.
Avandia Heart Failure or Damage:
The are a number of serious potential Avandia injury risks associated with this diabetes drug. Most of them affect the cardiovascular system and include:
  • Heart Failure or Damage
  • Heart Valve disease
  • Edema
  • Blood Artery disease
  • Heart attack
In fact, a study published by the Mayo Clinic in September 2003 reveled six people developed congestive heart failure in diabetic patients under Avandia treatment. These six men between 66 and 78 years of age all had type 2 diabetes and required emergency treatment. Congestive heart failure is a potentially fatal cardiac condition that occurs because the heart muscle cannot pump sufficient blood through the circulatory system, which causes fluid to build up in the lungs.
Other Avandia side effects may include:
Avandia is also linked to reports of diabetic macular edema, a swelling of the retina that can interfere with vision. Many patients with diabetic macular edema often complain of blurry or distorted vision, and many of these victims experienced associated Avandia side effects of ankle, leg, and feet swelling.
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