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Old 03-16-2010, 08:31 PM
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0love0046 Mystery shopping? this is legit. when gas went up i quit used to do athpower out of andover ma but they do the whole us . these were bank shops . if any ask you for money in advance these are the fake ones. i did exit interviews for $20 an hour maximum 2 hours per location out of a ca company also friendly's restaurants., burger king. did one apartment shop paid $40 back then. now i am lazy and do not bother. if the city you live in or near does focus groups you can end up with a recruiter and if they like you which they do at first you can make a lot of dough. i use to make like $5,000 a year tax free because the money is honorarium for like 10 years. then i moved to europe for 4 years and when i came back my recruiter got my telephone number from a company i called on my own because they would give me a couple of focus groups so that they would not have to pay the recruiter but i only got 1 job from her and she did not give me the high paying good ones anymore plus i really did not want the company i had called telling her i was back from europe but they did . she is real nutty now i heard trying to charge you if you have an emergency and unable to make the group.but if you find a focus group on your own never. never tell your recruiter you found some online. google marketing companies sign up you would be suprised what you get !!!!!!!!!!! i have too many stories to tell !!!!!!!!!!!! you do meet some weirdos at some groups then go home and laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!

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