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View Poll Results: Which photo do you think best captures the spirit of the holidays?
12win 4 0.50%
jennybeanjcb 246 30.83%
debbeyq 9 1.13%
Vanessa 7 0.88%
Jaimie 3 0.38%
Tanya29 1 0.13%
critbunny 4 0.50%
Ghia 1 0.13%
Gale 1 0.13%
Stubby 3 0.38%
KStranny 6 0.75%
JPNNH 6 0.75%
kksmommy 4 0.50%
BrooklynKath 228 28.57%
prettyeyes804 1 0.13%
davita 1 0.13%
JenniferL 1 0.13%
StayingAtHome 2 0.25%
GatorGar 5 0.63%
Crowngrad1 1 0.13%
googles 1 0.13%
milo9282002 9 1.13%
dezigner1 2 0.25%
ladywishy 1 0.13%
sckayla 5 0.63%
jemcay 1 0.13%
apneujahr 8 1.00%
kaylee 2 0.25%
Lisa 1 0.13%
Barb 1 0.13%
KCJ 1 0.13%
drkitty69 1 0.13%
pmcculloch 7 0.88%
Krissy 1 0.13%
danari 4 0.50%
manda40475 1 0.13%
Missy 11 1.38%
Sugar 2 0.25%
momnick8 150 18.80%
kmeyers 6 0.75%
sheilaannanderson 1 0.13%
Jessie2982 48 6.02%
Voters: 798. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-15-2006, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Sugar
When I first saw this photo, BrooklynKath, I thought your girls were triplets. What a great picture! This one definitley captures the spirit of the holidays.rudolphsmilie
Thanks! I think the pic before I got them dressed to take that pic would have been more spirited. Every year we put on the Mariah Carey CD and hang up the ornaments and stop to do some dancing still in our pjs. But this is my x-mas card ... the dancing with sleep hair and our pjs wouldn't have lookded as good LOL.
Old 12-15-2006, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by kksmommy
Well let's see, where to start....(if any of you read my intro you know I am not the shortest on words! LOL!)

As a new member to MBB, I have only been here about 3 weeks- and had a blast the entire time. I have put in my share of posts and really enjoyed getting to know many of you through the different forums. And it goes without saying that I have really scored on some deals thanks to many of you as well! I do think that I may have been at a disadvantage not knowing everyone yet , and due to time constraints, I didn't get an email out to friends and family to get their votes...I wasn't sure how much "campaigning" we were supposed to be doing, and although I had many cute "Christmas card type of photos", I decided to enter my best photo that I thought fit the "Spirit of the Holidays" theme.

As a mom- I know that our mommy bonds run strong, and when we get behind a cause, we mean business. So to our winners that had many friends and family votes- I congratulate you and say count your blessings for all of those people who's lives you have obviously touched. They voted for you because they love you and you must be special to them- AND your photos of your beautiful children and families were great. I loved looking at them all.

As a woman with a BK (before kids) career in retail and marketing, I completely understand Karen's intentions for this contest. And the contest achieved all she had hoped. We now have many new MBB members (which give us all more power through Karen- whether she is going to bat for us, helping us find a specific deal, or working with a company to offer us something extra). New members mean more of us out spotting deals and sharing them, and new members mean new friends. Karen had also hoped to give us a camaraderie during this hectic season, and that too, worked. We all got to see each other's families and learn a little more about someone else, like us, in the world.

Would I have liked to win? Yes. Am I upset that I didn't? No. Maybe the contest wasn't fair (in an apples vs. oranges kind of way), but really, many contests are won based on someone's perception, someone's opinion and someone's personal taste. My suggestion might be to try to have a few categories for people to enter in....and allow only 1 entry per member (so each person could not enter into all categories).

Here is my real world analogy. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have an annual tradition called the "Pinewood Derby." Each boy makes their own car from a kit. They can carve, build, design it to their own style and substance. In some packs and troops, the boys are awarded only on speed- the fastest car. The down side to this is, many a dad gets over involved in the design that should be their son's. Yes they have to help, but a dad who works as an engineer at Boeing might have an advantage over the dad who works as a principal...that is if they are doing more of the design than their son, in an effort to win. Some packs and troops (like the one my son is in) try to do something extra. Yes, the fastest still wins the big trophy and goes onto district level races, but there are other trophies, too. There are trophies awarded to "most creative design", "best looking", and "slowest", amongst others. And the biggest trophy goes to "best sportsmanship"- which is voted on by the parents. Everyone doesn't get a trophy, but having the other awards shows recognition and appreciation for other unique and important traits. This is good for the boys' self confidense, and great to teach that there are many ways to win- that's a valuable lesson in life. And hopefully the parents also learn the lesson, which is to use this tradition as an opportunity to spend time with their sons, teach them the satisfaction of building something with their own 2 hands, have them better understand the science in it, the creativity in it, and let it bring out a talent or passion in them.

Long story long (don't say you weren't warned! LOL! ), I think we all have the holiday spirit, we just had different expectations of the contest.

Thanks to any of you who voted for me, and to BrooklynKath who mentioned my photo entry in the thread...and thanks to all of you who have made this website so fun! Karen- I think you're great and I appreciate all you do to make this site a success. Like everything, it's just another learning experience, isn't it? I look forward to the next contest!

Take care,
Very well said and I enjoyed reading your post. The contest was meant to have fun and drive membership. I think both goals were accomplished. Welcome to the new members and thank you to everyone who has participated.

Lori Ann
Lori Ann aka Kermit the Frog aka Black Mary Bonney the Pirate Arrr!
Old 12-15-2006, 06:48 PM
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Well I was thinking, in lieu of Karen doing the GCs I'm going to post some extra special freebies and GCs I've been chasing today. From everything I have read here I think we all agree that sending out GCs to everyone at this point is neither expected nor desired. Nice thought Karen, you big softie you!
Lori Ann aka Kermit the Frog aka Black Mary Bonney the Pirate Arrr!
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