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Old 08-11-2007, 06:37 AM
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Default Great Deal for Bean Bag Fill... its more than "Otay!"

For all you crafters out there....

I needed to fill some cowhide ottomans that I lucked onto on ebay. Rather than polystyrene bean bag fill pellets, or foam, I was looking for something not ridiculously expensive, and even better environmentally "sound" too. Research led me to Buckwheat Hulls (remember the Sobakawa pillow anyone?), and price comparisons brought me to this site. Even better, I love their business model: this business was started by a mom to help develop life skills for her daughter that had down syndrome, and to employ other young people with disabilities too!!

Responsiveness in shipping was fabulous, and packaging perfect. I am thrilled with them, and hope you all will be too!!

Some info from their website below:


We should probably also let you know that we have an ulterior motive for taking up the business of selling bulk buckwheat hulls. While employment opportunities for folks with developmental disabilities are on the rise, there's room for improvement. So we created to create employment opportunities for folks with special needs. We're hoping to build an organization that offers more than just a bag of buckwheat hulls.

~Buckwheat Hulls~

Buckwheat Hulls are the outside part of the seeds produced by buckwheat, Polygonum Fagopyrum. After harvesting, the hulls are separated from the seeds and VOILA! Buckwheat Hulls. The hulls are then air, vacuum and gravity cleaned, ready for use in:

Buckwheathull Pillows/Cushions
Meditation/Yoga Mat
Eye Pillow
Neck Roll
Travel Pillow
Lumbar Support
Computer Wrist Support


~Buckwheat Groats~

Buckwheat Groats are what's INSIDE the hull, and the part of the seed that is made into buckwheat flour. (Ours are NOT food grade.) Groats can be safely heated in the microwave for use in:

Hot/Cold Therapy Packs
Hand and Foot Warmers


~Whole Buckwheat Seeds~

Whole Buckwheat Seeds (also known as berries) are the un-separated, hull shebang. Whole buckwheat seeds are used commercially by the Bucky company in their "Hottie" products. Our whole seeds are cleaned and can safely be heated in the microwave for use in:

Hot/Cold Therapy Packs
Hand and Foot Warmers
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