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Old 08-28-2007, 04:54 PM
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Default $100 AT&T and Cingular Study

Chicago, IL area

Reply to:

If you do not currently have AT&T/Cingular as your mobile phone carrier, please do not respond to this research ad.

Matrix Research, Inc. ( is looking for respondents to participate in a mobile phone usability study over the course of three weeks.

This study consists of picking up the phone at our offices downtown. You will then use the phone for 3 weeks and record your experiences. A final 45-minute interview will be conducted downtown at the end of the study.
We are looking for groups of 3-4 friends or family members who have AT&T/Cingular as their wireless carrier to participate.

Your compensation will include $100 plus you get to keep the phone. This phone is one of the most popular phones on the market and valued around $450. It has 3G memory and an MP3 player.

Interested respondents should reply to the listed email with answers to the following questions. If it appears that you qualify for this study, we will contact you by phone over the next week. Thank you for your interest in research.

1) What is your name and contact phone number?
2) What is your age?
3) What is your occupation?
4) In what industry do you work?
5) Do you own a mobile phone?
6) How often, if at all, do you text message or use instant messaging online?
7) Have you ever posted a photo online from your computer (Flickr,myspace,Yahoo!Photos,Facebook,etc.)?
8) Who is your mobile phone service provider?
9) Would you be available on September 17 at 3pm, 5pm or 7pm to pick up the phone from our downtown offices? (we may be able to drop it off at a location that is convenient for you)
10) Are you available October 8th, 9th or 10th for a 45-minute interview downtown?
11) Do you have 2-3 close friends or family members in the Chicago area that have AT&T/Cingular service and would be willing to participate in the study as well? (They will also be compensated $100 plus the phone)
12) Would you be willing to use our phone as your primary mobile phone over the course of 3 weeks? (You will not need to pay for set-up charges to use this phone or data transfer charges if you use the data feature)

Thank you for your interest in our usability study.
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