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Old 02-09-2008, 03:29 AM
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Default $125 Holiday Shopping Study - Chicago, IL Area

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Earn $125 for participating in a focus group discussion. The focus
group will take place at our facility in Skokie the evening of
February 15. To qualify, please email us the following information:

1. Did you purchase any food products from a mail order catalog or internet website catalog or Mall kiosk during the 2007 or 2006 holiday season, either for your own household or as a gift.

2. If you did, which company's products did you buy?

3. Which holiday season did you purchase the products - 2006 or 2007,
or both years?

The focus group discussion we would like you to participate in will be conducted by a focus group moderator who is also a trained , certified hypnotist. So, during the focus group discussion, you would be hypnotized by the moderator, who is a certified hypnotist. The reason we are using hypnosis in this focus group is because hypnosis helps people relax so that they have an increased ability to remember the details about the food products we are interested in. Also, when people are hypnotized they are able to evaluate new ideas in a more creative way. When you are hypnotized you are completely aware of everything that is going on. The session will also be video-taped.

Please email us this information, and your telephone number so we can contact you.


Hal Goldberg
Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Inc.
Laguna Woods, California
Support Lighthouse Preservation
It's Part Of Our Heritage
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