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Old 03-26-2008, 02:22 PM
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Default Random Buzz

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Random Buzz all about?

This website is an exclusive community created to bring readers interested in reading and discussing new Random House books for teens.

As a member of Random Buzz you can look forward to access to exclusive news, promotions and prizes, while interacting with fellow members.

Complete activities to earn Buzz Bucks towards ARC's books being discussed on the site and other cool items, earn more Buzz Bucks through answering polls, trivia and surveys, and communicate via our other forums Random Buzzers.
How do I update my profile?

You must first be logged in to be able to update your profile. Click on the "About Me" link at the top of the page and you will see your profile details. You can add your favorite pictures, your basic information and user preferences, and fill out the "About Me" section. This is also where you can Opt-In or Opt-Out of receiving group email and text alerts. Just be sure to save your changes! Think of this area like a blog or personal website where you can share information about yourself that others will see and read up on.

How do I earn "Buzz Bucks"?

You can earn "Buzz Bucks" by participating in all the activities on the community site. Each section lists the number of Buzz Bucks you earn for a particular activity. Sometimes you'll need to submit something to us and we'll need to approve it before your Buzz Bucks hit your account. Other times you might just make a really good comment or message board post and we'll dish out some "bonus Buzz Bucks". You'll even earn Buzz Bucks just for joining the community!

You can earn Buzz Bucks by participating in various activities on the site posted by Head Buzzer. Activity submissions can include submitting answers to questions on a particular topic, voting, submitting pics and/or files, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Activity Buzz Bucks are awarded as soon as we have a chance to review the submissions.
Polls, Quizzes, & Surveys
Let your thoughts and ideas on all things Random Buzz (and other random things) be heard by completing surveys and answering quiz and poll questions. You'll earn Buzz Bucks the following ways:

Surveys: Answer all the questions in the featured survey and you'll earn the maximum amount of Buzz Bucks stated.
Quizzes: Think you know your stuff? You'll earn the Buzz Bucks if you correctly answer the quiz questions.
Polls: Participate in the current online poll and you will receive Buzz Bucks. Note that you can only vote once per poll.

Spread the Word
Earn Buzz Bucks for viewing each new link posted on this page, and then additional Buzz Bucks for distributing the links. Tools are provided to allow you to email and instant message links to friends, as well as generate links that you can post on your site, message boards, and chat rooms. Earn Buzz Bucks each time your links are clicked on by a different person. You can earn up to 100 Buzz Bucks per day by distributing links with this tool.
Invite a Friend
Earn Buzz Bucks by recruiting new members to join the community. Tools are provided to allow you to email, instant message or text message invitations to friends.
Random Reviews
Write a review! Tell us your thoughts on books you've read and authors on your bookshelf and earn 50 Buzz Bucks. You'll also get to read all the advice of other members once their submissions are approved so write it well!
All the cool pics and images you submit are posted in the galleries. Members can then make comments on the best ones and rate each item based on how much they like it.


You can search to find other members who live in your neck of the woods or those who have interests just like yours. You can even sort the results to be shown the way you want to see them! When the search results appear, you can check out other members' profiles and connect with them by sending friend requests.
Buzz Boards

You can keep in touch and discuss topics with your fellow community members in the message forums. The forums work like your typical message boards organized into topic areas. Try to post your messages in the topic that is most closely related to what you're talking about and always refrain from attacking other members. If you feel that people aren't using good judgment (i.e. posting obscenities, personal and racist attacks or other out-of-hand comments that simply don't belong here) please email us at and we'll oust anyone who's not playing by the rules. Please read the full message forums disclaimer here: forums.html#disclaimer.

You can view and keep track of your friends through the subsections of the "About Me" section. If someone has sent you a friend request, the message will show up in your inbox and at the top of every page near your log-in information.
How do I increase my Level?

The levels are at the sole discretion of the community leader. level promotions will be given to members who actively participate in all facets of the community and are not directly linked to the accumulation of Buzz Bucks.
User Level Details and Descriptions

Level: Reader
Level Description: As a new member of the Random Buzz Community, your journey begins here. If you contribute frequently as a Reader you might move up to be a Bookworm, the knowledgeable second level members who are already on the journey to becoming Random House experts.

Level: Bookworm
Level Description: Being a Bookworm is quite an honor. It means you are involved in a lot of different parts of the Random Buzz Community and you are sharing your thoughts about Random House teen books. You comment often on the Buzz Boards and have read at least one ARC.

Level: Reviewer
Level Description: As a Reviewer, you are now officially a dedicated member of Random Buzz Community. You are weighing in often with your ideas, helping bring new Readers to the club, and getting tons of Buzz Bucks by participating in a lot of activities. that will take you

Staff Critic
Level: Staff Critic
Level Description: If you make it here, you are clearly a leader. Making it on to the Staff Critic level is no small feat. If you put in your time here you have a shot at being a Critic-at-large. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work!

Level: Critic-at-Large
Level Description: Being a Critic-at-Large means you have both dedication and passion for discovering new books. It means you enjoy reading work by new authors, chatting and sharing with your fellow readers, and enjoy the exploration of reading and learning about all of the

Level: Editor-in-Chief
Level Description: If youíve made it this far, you have joined the ranks of Teen Reviewers everywhere who have come to discover through the Random Buzz Community, the passionate readers of everything Random. Remember: getting to the top of the Review world is no simple task

Level: Author
Level Description: Random House authors snag this level.

Level: RH
Level Description: Random House employees reside at this level.

How do I redeem my "Buzz Bucks"?

Once you've earned a sufficient amount of Buzz Bucks, you can redeem them for prizes available in the Random Store. You can save them up to cash in for bigger prizes or use them all along the way to more quickly reap the benefits of your hard work here at Random Buzz.
Why can't I claim a reward?

In order to claim a prize, you must have first earned enough Buzz Bucks for that item (in addition to any other items in your basket). Some rewards have a limit on the number each member can claim, and may only be available to members who have reached a minimum user level.
Why am I unable to "check out"?

Your user profile must contain accurate shipping information in order to receive your prizes. Click on "About Me", add/update your contact information in the Basic Info section, and then complete your check out. Only members residing in the US are allowed to claim prizes.

Once your order is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation containing your order number. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your order.

Got More Questions?

Still don't know the answer to your question? Ask Head Buzzer
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Old 03-31-2008, 09:20 AM
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