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Old 03-21-2009, 03:24 PM
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Default Popular Eats Mistaken as Healthy

You think you're eating good stuff, huh? Think again. Some of your favorite healthy-looking foods can be deceiving. Check out these food fakers, courtesy of Hungry Girl...

Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps (Original)

1 serving = 150 calories, 8g fat, 14g carbs, 2g fiber

We know we're not the only ones who've spotted these things. Sometimes they're with the snacks, sometimes with the veggies, but there's something very intriguing about them. That is, until you turn around the bag and see that a serving has about as much fat as a serving of Doritos. Craziness! You're WAY better off snacking on some real fresh peapods.
Newman's Own Olive Oil & Vinegar Dressing
2 tbsp. = 150 calories, 16g fat, 1g carb, 0g fiber

We love Newman's Own dressings, but look how much oil is in this dressing to realize WHY it's so high in fat. We do enjoy the benefits of olive oil... just in smaller doses. Check out the Newman's Own Lighten Up! line of dressings, especially the Light Red Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil (50 calories and 4.5g fat) -- a good swap.

The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt in Honey

1 serving = 250 calories, 14g fat, 23g carbs, 0g fiber

We love Greek yogurt. BUT (and that's a big "BUT"), you have to be careful with the full-fat stuff. It has a lot of good qualities but, frankly, so does the Greek yogurt with way less/no fat in it. The flavored ones can be particularly enticing. (Honey-flavored yogurt? YUM!) Be strong, be smart, and grab the fat-free kind -- then add your own stuff (frozen strawberries, Fiber One, or even a squeeze of honey). Weeee!

Jamba Juice's Peanut Butter Moo'd

16 oz. = 490 calories, 11g fat, 85g carbs, 3g fiber

We don't care what kind of mood you're in, you do not need 75 GRAMS of sugar to cheer you up. That's just plain crazy. Jamba Juice actually has some pretty good options these days, so choose wisely. We recommend you "om" your way to a better state of mind with a 16-oz. Strawberry Nirvana, kicked up with a Flax and Fiber Boost for a total of 200 calories and 1.5g fat (not to mention 45 fewer grams of sugar). But remember that it's not just a drink, it's a snack, too!

And finally, the granddaddy of all things nutritionally deceptive...

Romano's Macaroni Grill's Parmesan-Crusted Sole

1 dinner portion - 2,190 calories, 141g fat, 145g carbs, 9g fiber

How is this fish dish one of the worst choices on Macaroni Grill's already dangerous menu?! The description, touting "filets lightly hand-breaded with Parmesan cheese and garlic, sautéed and topped with lemon butter sauce and capers," sounds light and pretty acceptable. Just HOW MUCH butter and cheese is in there? You could eat MG's Layers of Lasagna dinner, chase it with a Brick Oven Meatball Sandwich, and STILL not have eaten as many grams of fat as are in the Parmesan-Crusted Sole. If you're stuck at Macaroni Grill for dinner, stick to the Pollo Magro "Skinny Chicken," which has a reasonable 320 calories and 5g fat.
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