January 7, 2010

Free S/H, $10 off $25 and a Free sample kit at Origins

Origins Free S/H, $10 off $25 and a Free sample kit at Origins
Use code decbd12 at checkout (exp. 1/8/10). Choice of 5 Free skin care sample kits (up to $22.25 value).


  • Paula Freeman

    Thanks I needed some new make up

  • Mary Murillo

    What a fabulous bargain to save $10 and receive free shipping! Thank you so much!

  • Scott

    Great Deal! Nice Gifts for Valentines Day!

  • Janet

    I ordered some face cream from Origins and got the discount and free shipping and was looking forward to the free items. I got an email that said they were out of the free items and would send something else. I got the cream I paid for but never got anything else. Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Julie Boxley

    I ordered some Ginger Souffle from Origins, chose the free sample, got the discount and free shipping. Like you, Janet, I also never received the free sample ($25 value?? HA!)Pretty lame. I just remembered today when I remembered today and now I’m quite irritated because it is not on my order so I can’t complain to them about it. Janet, you and I were taken in.

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