February 12, 2012

Gaiam Backpack and Yoga Mat Sling : $19

Gaiam Backpack and Yoga Mat Sling

Today: $19 + Free S/H
Was: $54.96
Expires: 2/18/12

This Flower Power Backpack and Yoga Mat Sling are perfect for the gym, work, travel, school or wherever your journey takes you.

  • Joyceangona

    Karen, do you know how this website works?  I submitted an order, and it said i will get an activated voucher tomorrow… does that mean they dont ship the product?  Do I have to go to a store somewhere??

    • Yes, they are kind of like groupon. Log into their site tomorrow and you will be given a voucher code. You will use that voucher code that you will use to pay for the item at the store that is actually selling and shipping it. 🙂

      • Joyceangona

        ok, as long as i can still get it online, thanks

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