March 4, 2011

Happy Days are Here Again

Orange Dog Ball

For anyone following the Moxie and the Orange Ball of Fury saga, look what I found! After months and months of searching for a new Orange Ball, my 13-year-old daughter pipes up and says, “You know, mom, you bought that ball at Stater Bros.” ARGH! Such a teenager! She knew all along and never said a thing!

I suppose she could argue that I never specifically ASKED her if she knew where I could purchase a new Orange Ball, but really! I think inadvertently withholding information that would make your mom’s life a little easier should be punishable by a whole house vacuuming. Or a backyard doggie clean up. What do you think? 😉


  • Bruce

    I’m so glad. Drove me crazy for a while, trying to Google it. there’s a WHOLE lot of dog toys out there, lot of striped ones, orange one, rubber etc etc etc. I gave up! So glad you found his toy!

  • Christine

    Yea on finding the ball!! As far as punishment, while I like the idea of the poop patrol clean-up, but I think not allowing her to play with Moxie and the ball would be a bigger punishment! :~)

  • It’s probably not that she knew it. It probably just came to her.

  • sue ellen hall

    When I looked in the shopping cart I saw only ONE ball,,,, are you sure you shouldn’t have stocked up just in case the store stops selling them ???? Glad you found the ball
    though !!

  • christine

    lol…..I love your Moxie stories Karen!!!
    So glad you found the ball……poop patrol??? The kids should already be doing that!
    How about breakfast in bed with clean up included for a month?

  • janice

    Karen,..Such an interesting story..I think that being a teenager,she just probably never put 2 & 2 together, however I guess being I’m a grandma, I would be excusing her..Give Moxie a big hug for me..He is so adorable..

  • @ Bruce Thanks for taking the time to look around! That was so nice of you!

    @ Christine I don’t think Moxie would go along with that punishment! lol She is so happy when the kids wake up in the morning and when they get home from school. 😉

    @ Loretta Now she’s claiming she has been trying to tell me all along, but I wouldn’t listen to her. lol

    @ Sue Ellen I bought 2 of them. One is up and in the closet and won’t be brought out until the current one is destroyed. Maybe in a couple years. 😉

    @ Christine I know! I should already have them on dog doody duty. Need to rewrite the chore list! lol

    @ Janice Thanks! And will do!

  • G. Swanson

    Ahahaha… I’m with you Karen but I think she should work off her withholding information OUTSIDE the home… send her over here lol

  • @G Swanson Ok, mom! You can come pick her up!

  • I think its awesome that you found the same ball. We have a super hyper chihuahua who has a toy that she loves and is slowly ripping to pieces. I wish I could find a new one. I look for one every place I go but when I come home with a similar one, its not the same one and she doesn’t like it. I wish I new she was going to love that toy so much so I could of bought more.

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