December 3, 2009

Help! My new puppy needs a name!

We got a new puppy on Monday and we are having trouble deciding on a name. What do you think we should call her?


  • Erin

    Chewbacca. She looks like the Star Wars Character…Too cute…enjoy her.

  • Marsha Meyer

    Bella ,because she looks like one of the werewolves on New Moon, Jacob. She is so cute you are very lucky. Enjoy her.

  • Peggy

    She looks like at FIZBO

  • Linda Slayton

    I think she looks like a Bailey.

  • Sharon H

    I’d call her Gizmo – she looks like a little Gremlin.

  • Pam

    She looks like a “Teddi” bear!

  • Jen

    If she was a boy, I’d say Bear, ’cause she looks like one. How ’bout Sasha? Or Ewie (prounounced “ee-whee”; we had a dog that looked like an Ewok, from Star Wars, that we named this)?

    My 5 yr old daughter says she looks like a beaver (maybe “Beav”, like on Leave It To Beaver?) or a porcupine (“Cupi” for short, prounounced like a Kewpie doll).

    Well, that’s all we’ve got. 🙂 GL naming her!

  • Tammy

    You should name her Brownie she looks like a cuddly teddy bear.

  • Betty

    I like the name Holly to remind you she joined your family at the Holidays!! Best Wishes!!

  • Mindee Larsen

    I think Zoey would fit her perfectly!!!

  • Nicole Anderson

    My daughter says it looks like a chipmunk and I think it has the coloring of a chocolate chip cookie, so let’s go with CHIP! (CHIPPY for fun and also because I bet no one has a CHIPPY!!)

  • Tammi


  • Amy

    I think you should call her Chewy – because she looks Chewbacca!

  • Kendall

    I think the puppy looks like a cross between an Ewok, a werewolf and a bear – with a hint of Toto too… Adorable!!

    Sorry, I am no help with the name. For my previous cat, resorted to picking a name from a coupon mailer in my mail. I just turned to a page – it happened to be an ad for sunglasses. I ended up picking the name Oakley!

  • Ashley


  • vicki farrell

    Just from her cute face I would name her ” LAYLA “.

  • Gina


  • Susan Hatcher

    Being from Georgia…I say name her Scarlet.

  • Christy Dixon

    I would think the obvious…. CheapSkate!!!! Adorable puppy! What kind is it??

  • I love all the ideas! This is great! She is a yorkie / maltese mix.

  • Alex Montana

    Awwww….how precious!

    How about ‘Snook-ums’ ?

    Sassafras? Sassy for short?

  • Kat Ducharme

    Deja (as in Deja Vu)

  • Amanda Kisenhug

    Name her Casey 🙂 that would be precious.

  • Michael Huntsinger

    Chewy sounds like a great idea. Cheapo would be a nice take on Christy’s idea (and sounds like Harpo). I think you should give her a fitting name like Cujo!

  • Mary

    She does resemble an Ewok, how about Wookie, or maybe Cookie.
    Good enough to eat!

  • Pam

    I would name her precious

  • Leigh Ann Croff

    Muffin…I dunno why I just saw her and thought she aws a muffin lol

  • Diann Rice

    She is a cutie! I think Lovey would suit her. So would Suzy Q.

  • Cheryle Marseilles

    I think you should name her MERCEDES

    M-Merry Christmas
    E=For Energy
    R=Rusty Color
    C=Cute as a button
    D=a welcome Dear to the family
    E=Everyones new addition
    S=Soooo Sweet
    Good Luck with Your new addition to the family!!

  • Peggy Werner

    She looks like the gopher from Caddy Shack to me. Maybe you should call her Gopher or Goldie after the Minnesota mascot. The goldern gopher.

  • Beverly

    Precious – That’s gotta be her name!

  • tawana

    I would call her LOVE because thats what she is going to bring to your home!!!!!!

  • Linda Cochran

    Sparkie, as she sparkles with love!

  • Dixie

    I think you should call her (Beebee) being initials B B for Bargain Buddy!
    or Merry 🙂

  • Paula

    I would name her Little Bear. She’s got such a cute Little Bear face! Or else Muffin.

  • Christine

    I can’t believe nobody’s suggested the good old fashioned obvious name BUDDY. All doggies think they’re your buddy! 🙂

  • So many great ideas! Kids and I are going to decide this weekend. She is so smart! She’s already learned the command, “Sit”!

  • jamie

    I think BB is the cutest so far for bargain buddy or take a letter from everyone in family name and see what u get!



  • Felicity Key

    Call her harriet!

  • Rachel


  • Barb

    her name should be Chewy

  • Liz

    I like Gretchen! 🙂

  • Ellen

    How about Wookie Sue or Dollie Doodlebug.

  • jasmine

    Congratulations Karen! I think Chewie would be a great name. Best of luck.

  • Shauna

    Ewok names: Gremlin names… Only couple good ones that would work for
    Shodu (female) a girl… Greta or Daffy
    Winda (female)
    Latara (female)
    Teek (male/female) Here’s a link for Wookie names:
    Moose (male/female)
    Malani (female)
    Kneesha (female)

    Here’s a site that has Wookie names and what they mean:

  • Bruce Richardson

    How about “Chewie”? He looks like Chewbacca and it’s a great name for a dog!

  • Virginia Goodale

    Furgy or Furby

  • Susan Gaubatz

    I have to agree with those suggesting Chewbacca, or some derivative of the name! Coloring and cute face look like what you would imagine Chewy looked like as a youngster!

  • CJ

    I think she looks like a Muffins to me. So adorable!!

  • Toni

    All blessings with the new pup. She is adorable. First thing that came to mind was “Malted” I’m sure the name that suits her will come to you. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend~

  • Nancy McGuire

    How about Chewocki.

  • Mj

    I think “truffles” is a great holiday puppy name!

  • Evalyn Daverin

    Cute puppy — name her Wookie.

  • dj

    I have a Yorkie named Merlin. Yes, he is a wizard in many ways. I had a kitten
    a while back named Pixel because she was so many colors. have fun and remember
    you will be calling the dog this when she runs away or whatever so make it
    something you will like for 20 years.

  • Dan Breton

    How ’bout Sarah, for the duchess of York

    Magi, for royalty coming at Christmas

    Elf, for one of Santa’s helpers

    my favorite is Tootsie, just because I had a similar dog and that was her name.

  • TJO

    BeBe (like BB, for Bargain Buddy) or Sarah or Mitsy. Have fun! She looks so sweet!

  • Susan

    She is a little Trixie

  • Laurie Krauss

    She is adorable. How about Ms. Gizzy

  • Joy

    Because she is Yorkie/Maltese…. name her Morkie.

  • Melanie

    Wookie since she looks like a bit like Chewbacca and Chewbacca is a wookie.

  • Peg

    I have always loved the name Pippin!

  • Dorothy Street

    I think you should name her Becky. She looks like a Becky to me. Very Cute!!!

  • Llyvona Swartwood

    adora BELLE. She is totally adorable! If you need a puppy sitter just call me!!

  • Alice

    Sorcha, it means bright one! Pronounced Sorsha.

  • joyce

    Hey, congratulations aren’t puppies the BEST? I got a labrador retriever puppy on saturday… he’s yellow with blue eyes… gorgeous!!! his name is Lucas

  • Brita

    I think you should namer her Gremlina.

  • Angie

    I think Papillion would be a great name. It’s French for butterfly and I think the markings on her face look like a little butterfly!

  • Sherrie Dunn

    Well… a ‘bargain buddy’ site……… “Buddy” was mentioned, but a feminine version would be appropriate. “Babe”is sweet, but (drum-roll) “Bebe” should be bargain buddies newest member and mascot. Her name also boasts the two ‘required’ B’

    Hello, Bebe, you sweet girl. I hope there’s more deals on cute doggie gear now!

  • Karen

    I like the name Chewlie. It sounds prettier than Chewy, sorta rhymes with Julie!

    good luck with the naming…

  • Julie

    Tis the season ….. how about Hope,Faith, or Charity :o)

  • Robin

    I like Sophie, Honey, Trixie, Winnie, Gracie, or Golda.

  • Sherrie Dunn

    Well… a ‘bargain buddy’ site……… “Buddy” was mentioned, but a feminine version would be appropriate. “Babe”is sweet, but (drum-roll) “Bebe” should be bargain buddies newest member and mascot. Her name also boasts the two ‘required’ B’s.

    Hello, Bebe, you sweet girl. I hope there’s more deals on cute doggie gear now!

  • Beth Henry

    How about “Gizzie”? Since she kind of looks like Gizmo, I came up with Gizzie. Sounds like a girls nickname. She is very cute. Hope you have lots of fun with her.

  • Robin

    I changed my mind, I agree she looks like a Teddy!

  • Ivonne

    Name her “Coco”.

  • Marveen

    I suggest:

    “Pumkin” or “Pumpkin”.

  • lynn

    She is so adorable:
    Maggie, Muffin, Maisy, Daisy, Lucy, Izzy for isabelle, Bonny, Capuchino, Peanut, Hazel-nut,
    Chestnut, I also like gretchen and wooke too or munchkin,Toto would be cute too

  • Another Lynn

    For some reason she looks like a “Mia” to me. Short and sweet!

  • Donna Smith

    I think you should name your little cutie BB ( BARGAIN BUDDY) Ahhhhh she is adorable to say the least. I know the kids will love her so much!!

  • Pascal

    Go with the Star Wars theme and name the puppy Endor

  • Mary Beth

    I would call her Allie, short for Alien. She is too cute.

  • Teresa

    Isabella “Bella” Rose

  • Sherry

    We also have a Yorkie/Maltese mix which is called a Morkie. What else would you call a female Morkie……….Mindy!

  • Dorris Foxworth

    We had a yorkie that looked just like yours…Had him for 15 years and a bull dog killed him about a week ago. His name was Dexter, so i would suggest naming her Dexie, a female name after one of the sweetest little dogs i’ve ever had..Buried him in my back yard and go visit him everyday and put flowers on his little grave..It’s like loosing a child..We are all very sad over our great lose…

  • Jackie Gregory

    How about Reeses (after the peanut butter cups) she’s definitely got the coloring or Angel for the season. Maddie, Betty (Crocker) or Brownie,Sweetpea.

    Good luck and enjoy your new addition to the family….

  • Donald Stombaugh

    Cute Dog,
    I would call her BELLA.

  • Jodie

    Grewbacca! Gremlin + Ewok + Chewbacca

  • Jackie

    My first thought for a name was Chewy. After taking her in, she looks more like a Tahlulah!
    Whatever you decide, good luck with your new sweetie-pie.

  • Mary

    When I found a kitten, I tried calling different names to it until it meowed back at me.
    I named it Mindy, because that’s what it responded to, but shortened it to Indy when I
    found out it was a male! 🙂

    Try this with her.

    I like Muffin, Cookie, or BB, so far!


    What an adorable puppy!!!!! I would call her Gizzy. I don’t have a reason, juust a cute name for a cuter puppy.


  • Debbie

    I like the name B.B. that several suggested.
    I also like ‘Diva’….because she ‘is a little diva’….and/or the name ‘Gucci’…(pronounced goochi)
    an ‘uptown girl’.
    She is so sweet!…enjoy her.

  • Sally

    She is so cute I would name her Sweet Pea. I am sure your family will enjoy her very much and she will be spoiled.

  • Lorin

    How about Gretchen? Follow me…


    So, Grech, or Gretch for alternate spelling,
    which is short for Gretchen!

  • Elaine

    She looks like a Scruffy!

  • Vicki

    Pooky, because she looks like she can do no wrong.

  • Janet Schwarz

    Please name her Sylvia. Sylvia was my Friend Sharon’s Mom, who died suddenly last month. She had some abdominal pain, went to the doctor, and died during the examination. She was only 74 years old, and had advanced pancreatic cancer that had not been diagnosed until after she died. Sylvia was a special, beautiful woman, who cared about homeless dogs and cats. Her main charities were the Humane Society and Cat Welfare Home. She has no grandchildren. It would be a blessing to name your sweet new pet after such a lovely lady. Sylvia.

  • Elaine

    How about Lil Bit or Half Pint……It just came to me. PEANUT.

  • Tina

    I think she looks like a chia pet so I would go with Chia

  • Ruthie

    She sure is a cutie!! But I would name her Scooter OR my favorite is Pebbles.

  • Bonnie W

    I like Chewie or Grizzy. She’s adorable!

  • Barbara Vars

    My groomer refers to your pup’s breed as a Morkie. That being said, how about Mindy, as in the old TV show “Mork and Mindy.” (I know — showing my age here!)

  • Judy P.

    Chewie is my vote, or BeeBee for “Bargain Buddy!”

  • Tina

    I think you should call her Precious.That’s just how she looks. She sure is cute!

  • Cindy

    Absolutely adorable. I know you’ll really enjoy her. She reminds me alot of mine who is now 8 years old. Her name is Meika.

  • Darla Dickerson

    I think her name should be Gizmo.

  • Medalia

    You should name her Chewy.
    I would love to order all these things you send but they don’t take Pay Pal so I can’t. Please send me stuff I can Use Pay Pal with please.

  • perry

    We have one almost like yours. We call ours (STUBBY)

  • Anzhela

    I like BeBe too

  • Maxine

    I would name her Crusader and call her Crus ’cause she’s a cursuader for “cuteness”. Adorable

  • marylou

    Hi Karen -happy holidays an congrats on the little new born!!! If i name yours, YOU can name my new chihuahua when we get her which will be real soon –SHE looks like a little
    Gypsy to me sooo good luck with this -you will be seeing more of me MyRandy received his ssd for glocgoma an we are going shoppin –THANK YOU SO MUCH for the deals and contests —marylou —

  • Margaret Older

    How about “Rosebud” ? that’s close to buddy but better for a female dog. I also like “Starla” (for Star trek). or “Pinky” for all the pink breast cancer awareness stuff. Whatever you decide it should be what calls to YOU no matter what others suggest. good luck and enjoy your sweet little dog. I lost my beloved 13 yr. old chihua hua 5 years ago “Lilbit” and still miss her but now we have cats and we love them too.

  • Wilma Frana

    My grandson calls his dog Chewy.

  • Sandy

    I say she looks like a Fritzy. my shih-tzu was Fritzy mae and she passed away last month. I think your puppy looks like a Fritzy as well. whatever name you choose she is adorable. congrats to the new addition to your family.

  • Belinda

    How about Snickers?

  • terry

    just plain “cuteness”

  • donna

    Hmm..either sweetpeaz or peanutz..either way a cutie !!

  • sara

    I think Bella or Lola?
    Then there is Lucy or Lexi?

  • Sheila

    She is just ADORABLE!
    Shelby or Cherie (French) (pronounced share-ee) suit her well!
    Good luck making your decision, and may she bring you lots of joy and happiness!

  • Carolyn Woodul

    She looks like a precious BeBe to me!

  • Paul Miller


  • lori

    She looks like a peanut!!!

  • Susan Ward

    She is absolutely adorable! I think she looks like a Sasha!

  • Charlotte Waller

    Bella or Chewie

  • Lin McKinney

    Her name should be – “Harlow Bliss” – such a classy name for the little miss.

  • Joy

    My daughter said if she ever got a Yorkie she would name it Sasquatch, Sassy for short. She didn’t get one, so I am passing the name on to you! Your puppy is adorable!

  • Carl Jasper

    How about “wokbacca” and see if she does.

  • Sherry

    Aww….she is a little doll! We have a Yorkie AND and Maltese, and let me tell you: you’re getting the best of both worlds! We treat these 2 as our children and they are so lovable and bring so much happiness. My Maltese is Baylee and my Yorkie is Cooper. I think your baby looks like either Chewie or BeeBee. Love those choices best! Good luck and get ready for lots of love and licks!

  • Rita

    How about Wookie.

  • Rita

    opps now I see someone else already suggested that. I agree lol

  • Tammy

    I should have always named my dogs, Comere, sounds like Come here lol Since I was always saying come here. Enjoy she or he is cute, I have three dogs, Peanut, Squeaker and Dixie. Merry Christmas!!

  • MArie Mroz

    What a “cutie” and I think that could be her name or because she is darling-how about Darla? I also, like Bebe for” Bargain Buddy.” Know you and your family will enjoy, Karen, she is adorable, cute and darling-What more can I say?

  • Gail

    I like Diva, or as I call my dog, Honey because she is a little honey. Whatever you call her
    I’m sure will suit her , what an adorable bunch of fur. Have fun, there’s a lot of love there.

  • Sandy

    Sinbad or if it’s a girl Ginger(snap)
    BTW I have a Yorkie Gizmo and Maltese Gianna and raise Morkie Pups, they are a “Wonderful Designer Pup” fierce like the Yorkie and is devoted and great watchdog (they don’t know how small they are) and the maltese is totally lovable and cuddly bundle of joy. I’m sure you luv your new pup!

  • Nicole

    I’d call her Chloe. I think Chloe is a cute name for a dog with a lot of character

  • Daurie

    She is adorable. If she were mine, I would name her Chewie

  • Gizmo

    Hope you find a good name Gizmo from the movie is my suggestion

  • joan

    you should call her kissmee ,how can you not kiss a face like that .. good luck with your new puppy

  • Gina

    I like “Chewy” short for Chewbaca and the fact that she probably chews!

  • Andrea

    Chewie is the first thing I thought of.

  • Colleen

    My girlfriend’s sister used to have a dog just like her – her name was GIDGET!
    I think that Gidget would be a perfect name for her! She is sooo adorable by the way!

  • connie oliver

    I think you should call her precious because thats what I thought when I saw her.

  • Sally Wolfe

    I think she looks like Layla, I love that name. She is adoreable.

  • Ruth Bedard

    Hi Karen,

    She is absolutely adorable!!!! Hold old is she? In my opinion I have to say that she looks like my Furby’s and I think that Furby would be a fantastic name for her!!!

    I have a new puppy (Dylan, a miniature dachshund who just turned 9 months old) he suggested Furby too!

    Good luck~~

    Have a nice weekend!!!


  • Renee

    I would call her Wqueaky (like squeaky)! I have 2 puppies Forest a blonde golden retriever (1 1/2 years) and Gump black lab/retriever (4 months)

  • presley harris

    Itsy or Bitsy (as in Itsy Bitsy)

    Tory is good too.

  • Becky

    Hey Karen!!! I also have a Yorkie…she is nearly 12 yrs old…they are SO sweet!!!! Her name is Zie (pronounced Zee…short for Mackenzie)

    How about Izzie? That would be cute!

    Or Sela? (SEE-lah)

  • Joan Johnston

    Why don’t you let your family pick out a bunch of names and put them in a container and the first one out will be her name.

  • janice

    Call her Chrissy ..Being you got her in the month of Christmas

  • Sherrie Lopez

    Obviousely your puppy is adorable. The first names that come to mind are Chewie and Wookie but I have always liked the name Shotzie. I was told by a German neighbor years ago that it meant “my darling”, she called her husband that all the time.

  • Wendy

    She is adorable. For some reason looking at her the name Tessa or Tessy pops into my head. I am sure what ever you name her will be prefect! Have fun! I love my two rascals (Sheltie and shitzu).

  • Jill Miller

    I agree with Marsha — Belle is perfect for her!


    I think you should name her Tootsie!! because that is what her lil land minds are gonna look like!!!

  • Sandra

    I think Bailey is also a cute name as well!

  • Adrienne

    She looks like a little PRINCESS to me.

  • Marie

    I like the cross name between Gremlin and Ewok – “Gremlie” pronounced ‘Gremlee’ or maybe “Babette”. She is an adorable mix.

  • gerda

    you said that she looks like a cross between a Gremlin, an Ewok and Chewbacca, so if you take the first 2 letters of each word … why not call her

    GREWCH ?

  • Liz Kostuk

    Budeigh (as in Bargain buddy!)

  • Su

    I agree with “Teddy” or perhaps “T. Bear”.

  • Cynthia S


  • Andrew

    OMG! She is adorable. My suggestions are Gizmeralda, since she looks like the Gremlin in the movie of the same name, or Carmela or Caramela, since her markings look like carmel candy 🙂 I also like Snickerdoodle, because it is cute and she is a Christmas puppy! 🙂 Enjoy her alot! Is she your first dog?

  • Diann Rice

    Snuggles. Honey, Cuddles, Joy, Sweet Pea, Molly, Dolly, Toots, Lady, Girlie, Sunshine, Tiny, Lovey, Koala, Peaches, Kia.

  • Winnie

    I think Sparkle is a good name and it also goes with the christmas season.

  • mady


  • mady


  • Keri

    bAsed on your won description, you simply must call her Princess Leia! Leia for short! Enjoy your new puppy!

  • Lynn B.

    Hi Karen,
    Congrats on the cute little puppy. I would say I like the name Chewie the best. Good Luck with your search 🙂

  • giulia

    Button (as in “cute as a”)
    Hope you went to an animal shelter for this dog and not from a puppy mill



  • Trill

    How cute, I just got a baby Yorkie also. I think she should be named Elle Adora Belle.

  • Monika

    I think she looks like a tribble

  • Monika
  • Kimberly Colville

    We think you should name it BUTTERSCOTCH. It looks as cute and sweet as candy.



  • Tina Bailey


  • Dalia

    I like Gizmo, she’s absolutely adorable!

  • pat

    scruffy…perfect fit!

  • Priscilla F.

    Why not, “Buddy” after your site….
    Or CODE EEE for what we like to find on your website to get a discount?

    So, Buddy.. or CODE EEE are my choices.

  • Tammy

    My choice would be Lola….

  • Kelly

    What a cutie, this is a winning name …. PITA. Stands for Pain In The Ass, everyone gets a charge out of that one. Yes, I did have a Yorkie named that, She was small at 3-4 lbs.

  • Rosie

    She is the cutest little thing. I just love her tongue! How about Pinky!

  • Donna

    I have always let the new dog kind of give me the clue on what to name them. For example, I have a alaskian malamute, my daughter gave him the name Shadow when we first got him. After just a week or two he showed me he was a Bandit. He kept taking my daughter toys and walk in front of me to show me he had them and then run hide them. I started saying he was a bandit everytime he took something. It just fit him so well for his personallity. Good luck on the name, sorry I wasn’t any help.

  • Deborah T

    How about a combination of all three, Grewbacca

  • Cindy O

    She has a gorgeous face. Since “beautiful” is “bella” in Latin, she looks like a Bella. Enjoy you beautiful bundle of love on four paws!!

  • ar

    My BB.Com
    or My Buddy

  • Barb

    I named my pound-puppie Moxie. She was full of it from the moment I met her. Smothered me with kisses when I held her in my palm for the first time. Her Mom was a chinese crested/chiuahua mix. Dad was a teacup poodle. Looks like a black poodle with L-O-N-G legs and doe-shaped eyes. She is the first to check things out and run to greet people or other creatures great and small. Gets her head stuck in holes and breaks the ice in the river to swim in it. Her brother, who I also adopted is just the opposite. Hope your Moxie lives up to her name!!!

  • Kathy

    She looks like an Emma to me. That was the name that popped in my head when I looked at her. I have a little tibetan spaniel and they are such little loves! Hope you have many years of snuggling!

  • Lynn

    We had one when i was growing up that looked like and ewok. we called her wicket after the mainewok on star wars.

  • Traci

    I just hope that you adopted her and didn’t buy her from breeder or pet store. There are too animals in shelters that need homes.

  • Sheila Gustaveson

    I like the name “SADIE…..SHE’S A DELIGHT IN EVERYWAY”……she is adorable really!


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