July 9, 2010

Islands Magazine Subscription : $3.99 (reg. $16)

Islands Magazine SubscriptionIslands Magazine Subscription : $3.99 (reg. $16)
Use code ISLANDS at checkout. Limited time offer! You can buy up to a 3-year subscription and it comes with 8 issues per year.

Islands Magazine is a richly illustrated magazine for travelers eager to explore the world. Each magazine contains stories by people who have vacationed at or live permanently on islands from tropical to temperate climates. You not only learn about the people and attractions in spots ranging from urban cities to little-known secluded beaches, but also about the food, nature, arts, and sports that are part of every island’s culture. Written by top-notch correspondents—some of whom are Pulitzer winners!—and renowned photographers, Islands is a quality publication you’ll want to read.


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