NY Daily News 01/28/09 NY Daily News
How you can save $20,000 in one year by Nicole Lyn Pesce

For most New Yorkers, 2009 is going to be a year for creatively stretching our dollars. Businesses are closing, investments are dwindling and job losses are stacking up. But taking control of your finances doesn’t mean making huge changes.

Small day-to-day steps — from unplugging unused appliances to buying generic products instead of brand-names — will add up to big bucks over the year. A few clever tips and tricks can mean savings you can bank on....


Snap up your store's own-brand items, which can be much cheaper than the big brands. "Steer away from store-brand cosmetics and shampoos, which sometimes aren't as good, and go for dairy products like milk and butter where you won't taste the difference," advises Karen Hoxmeier, founder of MyBargainBuddy.com. You'll save at least $1 per item on generic brands, so by swapping out just five products per week, you could slash you annual grocery bill by $260. SAVES: $260