Tech Talk With Craig Peterson 02/13/09 Tech Talk With Craig Peterson
Karen Hoxmeier from My Bargain Buddy joins Craig to discuss their online directory of over 2,000 online stores and services. They add over 500 new coupon codes and sale links daily. There is also a section listing stores that offer free shipping with no minimum purchase requirements. She shares with us Tech gift ideas that wonít break the bank:

GPS Navigational Systems Ė Prices have dropped tremendously on these since they were first introduced to the public in the mid 90ís. You can now get a basic unit for about $100.

Prices on digital photo frames have also dropped significantly. Last year, it was hard to find one under $100. This year, the average price is closer to $50 and refurbished models can be found for about half that.

Touch screen cell phones have become increasingly popular since the iPhone was released. However, the iPhone isnít the only cell phone with touch screen technology. Verizon just came out with a touch screen Blackberry. It sells for about $300. has other models by LG and Samsung that are Free when you sign up with a new service plan.

Tips: You can save a lot of money by waiting to purchase new electronic gadgets. Electronics always go down in price and improve over time. Remember how bulky and expensive the first mobile phones were?! Now they are so affordable, kids are carrying them!

Price drops on electronics can be almost immediate. Apple introduced the iPhone for $599 and 2 months later, the price dropped to $399. Patience pays when shopping for electronics!

When making a big ticket purchase, stores like Best Buy offer interest-free financing when you use their credit card. Just be sure to pay the balance off before the end of the promotional period or youíll be stuck paying interest on the entire purchase.