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Black Friday Shopping Strategies by Linda So

Get ready for some hot sales, Black Friday is just around the corner. Many retailers will be offering door buster deals to kick off the holiday shopping season. Black Friday shopping can get pretty insane with the crowds and long lines. But with a little wisdom and some patience, you can score big on major markdowns. The manager at the Target in Towson says Black Friday means great bargains on some big ticket items.

Judy Colbert is writing a book on smart shopping in Baltimore and DC. She says having a strategy on Black Friday can help shoppers fill up their carts with great deals. Colbert says, "They need to prioritize. What is on their list. Do they want to get the big TV screen or do they want a pair of socks.” Colbert says Black Friday is becoming Grey Thursday with many retailers opening earlier, some even at midnight.

If you plan to head out on the big shopping day, be sure to do your research ahead of time. Go online and check these websites…,, and They list Black Friday deals, some even have coupons. Also, look through this week's fliers and clip coupons. And take those fliers with you on Black Friday. Many retailers will match a competitor's price if you show them the ad.

And we all know its nearly impossible to find that perfect parking spot on Black Friday. So save yourself the stress. Just park in the back and walk. Think of it as exercise. And don't forget to dress comfortably. Colbert says, “This is not the time to go out in the 4 inch spikes and dress up.” Leave your coat in the car and your kids at home. It's better to let them run loose at home, not at the mall when you're trying to ring up the best deal.

And when it's time to shop, have a size chart ready. That way you'll know what size uncle Bobby wears. And to prevent theft, avoid leaving your shopping bags out in the open in your car. Remember to lock them in the trunk.