November 16, 2016

Men’s Pace 6 Plus Razor : $2.99 Shipped

Men's Pace 6 Plus Razor

Today: $2.99 Shipped
Was: $6.50
Not valid with coupons
Expires: 11/18/16

Dorco’s advanced blade technology, ergonomic design, and skin soothing lubricating strips allow you to shave effortlessly across skin and through hair in any direction. This Pace 6 Plus Razor set includes 1 handle and 2 blades. View all men’s sale items. (S/H accounts for $1.99 of the price shown above. Spend $10 or more and S/H is Free!)

  • Anita Howley Knox

    If you go through TopCashback, you get 12% back, and when I was checking out, a coupon code for 20% off my order popped up and added to my cart. The sale prices are great – 9 women’s 6-blade disposables for $9!

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