December 1, 2010

Moxie video : That's my squeaky!

My kids and I were watching a video from Christmas 2009. When Moxie heard her squeaky toy in the background, she jumped onto my daughter’s lap to get a closer look.

  • Cameron

    Oh my gosh! That is adorable!

  • Tabitha

    Cute Dog!

  • Gale

    That is sooooo funny!! What a cute little dog Moxie is!!! Tks for sharing this…

  • Jamie

    Oh my gosh, Karen – too, too cute!

  • Sue

    That is one of the best video’s I have seen. Thank you so much for making us all smile! Moxie is a true character and oh, so cute.

  • Denise

    When I watched the video, my dog, Max, started running around my house trying to find out where the squeaks were coming from and even started crying as he was running around! lol

  • Linda

    So cute! She needs her own show!! Keep posting videos of her!

  • Bruce Richardson

    What a cutie!!!

  • Marlane

    OMG, tooo funny! What a darlin dog. I bet she is alot of fun.

  • Sandy

    that is so cute. what a sweetie Moxie is. adorable.

  • carol

    that is the cutest thing !!!!! u NEED to submit it to funniest home videos !!!!!!!

  • janice

    Karen..Thanks for sharing this video of Moxie..She is a Ham & So Adorable..

  • samamfee

    So cute, Karen. Love it.

  • Claudia

    How cute…She’s smart. Even went behind the ‘puter to find that toy! LOL

  • JoAnne

    Moxie is so cute! That is one of the cutest dog videos I’ve seen in a long time, thank you for the laugh!

  • Shauna

    That is one of THE funniest things EVER!

  • Sher

    I am the proud “Mom” of a Yorkie and a Maltese, so I double love Moxie, since she is a combination of my favorite 2 dog breeds! Watching this video was like watching my Yorkie in action~ He turns his head from side-to-side just like Moxie and is just as curious. :o)

    Hope you will share lots more of these precious video moments with us! Love them!

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