Thursday, June 10, 2010    
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  I was taking Moxie on her evening walk and my son decided to join us on his bike. As we were getting close to home, my son, who was riding ahead of us, turned around suddenly. He said we had to go a different way because there were a couple dogs up the street that weren't on leashes. My son has a fear of loose dogs, as he was chased by one a few years ago. I couldn't see the dogs, but it was getting dark and he was pretty panicked, so I told him we would turn around. Just as we did, 3 shadowy figures appeared in the middle of the street and they were headed our way. I quickly scanned the area for a safe place to go if the dogs turned out to be vicious. Just as I decided that hopping into the back of a nearby pickup truck was our best option, I heard a loud, "SQUAWK!" behind us. The 3 shadowy figures weren't dogs, they were DUCKS! And they were walking down the center of the street, strutting their stuff like they owned the road. My son and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

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