Friday, August 13, 2010    
Hi Tide Caster Board
Hi Tide Caster Board
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Refurb Magellan Roadmate
Refurb Magellan

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Peace and Love Tote Bags
Peace and Love
Tote Bags

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0 Degree Mummy Bag
0 Degree Mummy Bag
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Kenneth Cole Aviator Sunglasses
Kenneth Cole
Aviator Sunglasses
Was: $90
$28.99 + Free S/H
8pc Cappucinno Stencils Set
8pc Cappucinno
Stencils Set

Was: $17.99
$5 + Free S/H
Laptop Case and Portable Workspace
Laptop Case and
Portable Workspace

Was: $99.95
$19.97 + $5 S/H
Today Only
  My soon-to-be 16yr old daughter absolutely loves old muscle cars. Which is kind of funny because she is an artsy vegetarian that is pro-environment. Yesterday, while we were out running errands, we must have seen about a dozen cars that caught her eye. Just as she made the comment, "What's up with all the old cars on the road today?", a Ford Model T (with what appeared to be the original owner behind the wheel) drove past us! We looked at each other and started cracking up, imagining her taking the driver's test or showing up to school in a Model T. Apparently, there is such a thing as "too classic".

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