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2-Year US Weekly Subscription
2-Year US Weekly Subscription : $39.94 (reg. $134.16)
Use code MYBARGAINBUDDY at checkout (exp. 4/29)

I was able to get this deal back - but only for 2 more days. Order now if you missed it last weekend! I've only seen this magazine marked down once before and it was $38 for ONE year, not TWO! My special discount is also valid on a 3-Year Subscription.

3-Year Maxim Subscription
3-Year Maxim Subscription : $7.99 (reg. $33)
Use code MYBARGAINBUDDY at checkout (exp. 4/29)

Maxim is an edgy men's magazine. Each issue is packed with candid photos, interviews, tips and articles about sports, entertainment, gadgets and more, written in a funny and entertaining style.

500 Premium Customized Business Cards
500 Premium Customized Business Cards : $1.99 (reg. $39.98)
Great Service - I've been using this site for years!

Buy 250 Premium Business Cards for $1.99 and Get 250 more Free! Choose cards by industry, style themes or upload your own design.

Used Books at Thrift Books
Find the best prices on used books at Thrift Books
Everything ships Free!

Thrift Books has distribution facilities in eight states. It carries nearly six million used books in stock at any given time and processes over 100,000 books each day.

Local Deals at Tippr
Save 50-90% on Local Deals at Tippr
Free Membership

Currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Detroit, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. Don't see your city? Let them know where you live and some of the businesses you would like to see featured.

A shocking expose by ABC News has revealed, Karen Hoxmeier, founder of, often spends summers working while laying out by the pool!

This investigative report finally debunks the myth that people who work from home never get out of their pajamas. As it turns out, they go straight from pjs to bikinis!

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