April 7, 2013

Nursing Covers : $11.90 including S/H

Nursing Covers

Today: $11.90 incl. S/H
Was: $34.95
Coupon: FREE
Expires: Unknown

Udder Covers allow mothers to breastfeed their babies in comfort, style and confidence anytime, anyplace. Rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby. Fabrics are machine washable and made of 100% breathable cotton.

  • Jaliebmann

    where is the coupon or codeĀ 

    • http://www.mybargainbuddy.com Karen Hoxmeier

      The code is FREE. You enter it on the cart page.

  • Mother of twins

    Also known as “hooter hiders”
    These are awesome and a great price

    • http://www.mybargainbuddy.com Karen Hoxmeier

      LOL Love it!

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