November 27, 2011

Out of the oven and into the fryer

Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

I used my new Indoor Electric Butterball Turkey Fryer to cook our Thanksgiving turkey. This may have been my best purchase all year! The turkey was so moist and delicious, it didn’t need gravy and we hardly had any leftovers. It was also nice to free up some space in the oven for the side dishes. Because it is electric, the temperature was steady. It took just 4 minutes per pound to cook. The tap drain made clean up a snap. It was so good, I will probably cook another turkey for Christmas.

If you’ve been considering buying a turkey fryer, check this one out! It has tons of great reviews, ships for Free, and the price has dropped by about $20 since I bought mine.


  • andrea burns

    google + can’t figure out !

  • andrea burns

    looks good !

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