November 20, 2010

ScrubKing Handheld Steamer : $13.98 incl. S/H (reg. $59.99)

ScrubKing Handheld SteamerScrubKing Handheld Steamer : $13.98 incl. S/H (reg. $59.99)
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Eliminate Bed Bugs, Steam Clothes, Clean Bathrooms, Kitchens & More. Unlike vacuuming, steam cleaning is generally very effective at killing any bed bugs or eggs that come into contact with it. Extreme heat will kill them quickly (anything over 120 degrees Fahrenheit or so), and most steamers will exceed this temperature. Environment Friendly – uses only ordinary tap, distilled, or bottled water without additives. Clean upholstery, sealed grout, bathroom/kitchen tiles, stove tops, removable exhaust filters over stoves, windows and other items around your home.


  • Rose

    This is Owsom!!!!!!!!!!You can clean from windows down to the floor with it.If you asma and can’t use alot of cleaners this is the very thing.

  • Margaret

    This is sold out. ๐Ÿ™

  • Bummer! Those sold out too quickly. ๐Ÿ™ Sorry!

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