January 6, 2011

Skechers Shapeups : $27.99 (reg. $99.99)

Skechers Pink & White Shapeups*** UPDATE: code NEWKICKS now requires a $100 minimum purchase ***

Skechers Pink & White Shapeups : $27.99 (reg. $99.99)
Price valid on pink and white pair only. Add to cart and price will be $27.99. Shipping is $7.99 for 1 pair. Sales tax varies.

Get 20% off $100 or more with code NEWKICKS (limited time offer)

Make the most of your walking work out with the SKECHERS Shape-ups fitness shoe. The Shape-ups are an innovative walking shoe that make the most out of your every step.
The Shape-ups simulate walking barefoot on a yielding surface such as sand, which increases muscle activity level resulting in a boost of your metabolism level and increased calorie burn. These walking shoes also can relieve pressure on joints and tendons with daily use.

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  • stacey millard

    I purchased these on the 6th with the discount code. I tried to order another pair on the 7th and it said this item not eligible for discount. But atleast i got the one pair although less than $40 with shipping and tax for a pair of shape-ups is super cheap…Still Happy!!

  • Deanna

    Love these shoes! I have several pairs, they really help with back and joint issues.

    BTW, there is sales tax in CA, making the OTD total $32.23.

  • I just tested the code and it is still working on these shoes, even though their site says “Items Not Eligible For Discount” in blue under the coupon box.

    Subtotal $27.99
    Tax $1.96
    Shipping $7.99
    Discount -$5.60
    Total $32.34

  • Rosie Garcia

    Which site is this on? I would really like to order these shoes, but everytime I click on the link, it doesn’t work.

  • Rosie – What browser are you using?

  • Rosie Garcia

    internet explorer

  • Do you have Firefox on your computer? If so, try clicking through using Firefox. There is something on your computer that is blocking the link.

  • andrea

    thank you karen for excellent bargain but alas not any left for my tiny size 6 tootsies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CIndy

    When I went to order it told me they could not send to my address, Pennsylvania, so I put in my work address to send them there and they couldn’t send them there either. So I couldt order them… 🙁

  • Cindy – Not sure why you had trouble. Here is their customer service phone number if you’d like to give them a call.


  • Angie


    The code of NEWKICKS is not working for me. It states “Please note that the minimum purchase amount must be met before shipping and tax, to redeem this coupon offer.” Any suggestions?

  • I’m sorry, Angie. It looks like they just changed the terms on that coupon. It now requires a $100 minimum purchase. 🙁

  • Angie

    Thanks for the quick response Karen. I’m still going to order them since it’s still a GREAT price! Thanks for all you do with this site. I have used this before for shoes and will continue!

  • Debbie

    I have been wanting a pair of these and even though I couldn’t use the coupon I still feel it was a GREAT deal. Thanks Karen.

  • Francesca

    I just emailed you and came to your blog and got the answer. Looks like I’ll need to buy 4pair for the discount. Thanks for posting these!

  • J Price

    Seems like a scam that they advertise a coupon code and then mid stream change the rules to make a minimum purchase. They will NEVER get my business after this practice!

  • Francesca

    ordered 5 pairs for myself and friends! Thanks

  • J Price – This code was only supposed to expire on 12/29. It may have been a fluke that it was still working at all. At least they didn’t pull the code all together and cancel people’s orders. I always try to look for the bright side… 🙂

    Are you signed up to get MyBargainBuddy updates on Facebook? I posted this Skechers deal there last night. Sometimes you have to be really quick to score the bargain. I’m sorry you missed it.

  • Francesca – That’s great! Are you in or going to start a walking group?

  • Jen

    I’ve been wanting these shoes for a while, but they’re WAY too expensive normally, so thank you, Karen! Even though I missed the 20% coupon, they’re still an AWESOME deal at under $40 (including tax & s/h)!

  • Jeannette

    so happy with the ones i ordered actually got the 20% with the fist order but when i tried to order another pair the next day it wouldnt let me use it but hey for the price of them and getting them at this price i am happy and its like walking on a cushion …….

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