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May 20, 2011

If you're hoppy and you know it, stay away from a middle school.

Frog Invasion

I admit it. Some people have jokingly referred to me as a “crazy pet lady”. Even as a kid, I had a thing for animals. Over the years, we have had dogs, a cat, mice, birds, fish, frogs, lizards and turtles. I think exposing my kids to animals and teaching them how to care for them has given them a great sense of empathy for all creatures. Which brings me to my latest “proud mama moment”.

All of the rain we had earlier this season has resulted in a baby frog invasion. There are literally thousands of them hopping around at my daughter and son’s middle school. Unfortunately, teenagers can be cruel. My kids came home with horror stories about the way the frogs were being treated.

Upon hearing this, my high schooler grabbed a few containers and took her brother and sister to the school to rescue as many frogs as they could. They spent a couple hours 3 days this week gathering up frogs and transporting them to a safer place. Thankfully, school will be out in a week and the frogs will only have to worry about birds and other natural predators.


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