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March 11, 2011

Cup o’ Joe, please – Hold the double tall, extra foam, soy milk, mocha and syrup

Later this month, I will be having 5 house guests staying for about a week. I used this event as justification for buying more coffee mugs. See, I’ve always wanted a set of diner-style coffee mugs, but I’m cheap and need a “reason” to buy things. I looked all around for mugs that were solid and heavy, with a chunky handle. The kind that hold an actual “cup” of coffee, not a whole pot, like most mugs these days.

I didn’t have any luck at the stores in my neighborhood, so I started looking online. I found some on a site called Retro Planet. They came in the mail this week and I am so happy with them! They are even better than I expected. I especially like how the body of the mug curves in a little, so you can wrap your hands around it.

I admit, I enjoy the convenience of having an instant latte, using my Tassimo brewer, but most of the time, I prefer to have just a plain old fashioned cup of joe. Nothing fancy. Just a little bit of milk and sugar, in a diner-style mug.


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