January 26, 2011

Win These Diamond Earrings : Share your story

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Most of us have probably had to deal with Valentine’s Day gift disappointment. Sure you needed a new vacuum cleaner or toaster, but where’s the romance in that?!

Tell me the worst Valentine’s Day gift you have received (or given – if you’re feeling brave) and you will have a shot at winning these gorgeous diamond stud earrings provided by my favorite jewelry store, Netaya.

The winner will be randomly selected around noon PST on 2/7/11 and if all goes as planned, the earrings should arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

One entry per person/household, please. Scroll to bottom of this page for comment box.

  • Patty Niedert

    My husband bought me this huge heart shaped cake with frosting roses (with really red frosting) the kind that turns your lips, tongue & teeth red. Anyway, the cake was very nice, however, I not a fan of cake at all. He had been with me for 4 years at the time and he knew I didn’t like cake. He hates seafood, so I told him next Valentines Day I would get him some shrimp. I think he got the point.

  • Helen Kaiser

    Honestly, it is hard to pick one bad Valentines gift. Does not even getting one count? My husband never remembers, and then afterwards doesn’t even TRY to fix the problem. I would just like to get myself a gift of these earrings, as I will never get diamond earrings from the husband.

  • sandra

    My husband had good intentions I”m sure, but after having our first child he gave me a California Diet Program for Valentine’s Day:(

  • Delores Goneau

    I have not recieved a valentines gift ,Christmas or Birthday gift since we found out our oldest son has Autism.He was 2 when we noticed something was wrong,but was not officially diagnosed till he was 5. We live in the state of Va.Our state does not require insurance companies to pay for Autistic children(regardless of the severity)So any Occupational therapy or physical therapy,anything that is a symptom of Autism the parents have to try their best to pay for on their own. We dont do gifts anymore,simply so our son can recieve some therapy. We cannot afford all the therapies he needs. There are thousands of us here who need help. Until then we do without.

  • Tonia Price

    My Husband always buys me stupid gifts, dont matter the reason I can be sure to get a stupid gift or nothing at all!
    Well about 4 years ago he bought me this small flower bud shapped soap! With the price tag of 50 cents still on it! I asked him does he think this little of me, he said “its pretty, I thought you would like it” Yes my husband is the King of bad gifts and King of Cheap gifts.

  • Robin Musike

    My now husband and i meet in January 2004. First valentines i received NOTHING!!!! So for our first x-mas together he got me a gift certificate for the Mall, i thought this was very impersonable (if that is a word)so i sent him to the mall (he took my then 12 year old son with him) to pick something out for me. This happened around Valentines……………so he used the gift certificate to buy my valentines present a watch and chocolates. LOVELY!!!!!

  • Samantha

    Oh I have a few bad valentine gifts from the past, the worst would have to be the time one of my ex boyfriends had gotten me a sweater ugly as sin and to top it off he tried to pass it of as new but clearly it was not its smelled as horrible as it looked and had a price tag from a different designer on. Later to find out it was his moms sweater and the price tag was off someone else’s gift..his other girlfriend…shame shame!

  • Kelly K.

    My EX-husband bought me a vacuum cleaner & said that he figured that it would be the perfect present because there had to be a problem with our old one since I wasn’t able to keep the house as tidy as he wished it were.

  • Dawn Wilson Hensch

    Well, I would have to say the worst would have to be used plastic fall flowers. Not even red but fall colors. I tried to be nice and thankful but they didnt stick around very long!!!

  • Craig

    I don’t give bad gifts, it’s my wife who usually gives bad gifts or forgets(although she has been good lately) about an anniversary. This year for my birthday she said to go out & buy some electronics. I guess that’s good…..right?! These would be a great addition to her valentines day gifts!

  • Kim Igyarto

    My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t have a ring, Instead he said, “Will you Marry me and here’s a gym membership I bought for you.”
    That would be my truly unromantic husband.

  • Susan H.

    Worst is never getting anything. So much for wanting to be married to a romatic.

  • Corinne

    One year I decided to start collecting the change I would find around the house and so forth. My husband of about 3 years at that time picked up on what I was doing and decided to get me something to help out for Valentine’s day – He actually went to a flea market – and – you won’t believe this – got me a piggy bank – oh yes, a large, 4 foot piggy bank in the shape of a pig wearing blue overalls and smoking a corn cob pipe!! I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry – it was a nice thought and it did have a beautiful bow with hearts on it – but it was the worst gift I have ever received for Valentine’s Day (and the ugliest).

  • michele

    The worst gift I ever got for Valentine’s Day: An iron! He said, “Well, I know you always do my ironing and that the iron is lousy. I thought this would make it easier.” Sigh…. It is now 12 years later. We’re still married. The iron needs to be replaced….but I don’t plan to tell him this time!

  • Elisha

    Worst gift ever was an eyeglass cleaning kit.

  • Dawn

    I’m not sure if my hubby has ever bought me anything for valentine’s day… we have 5 girls and since they always “need” something, we dont have the luxury of spending money on each other…. however my first husband got me a diet coke for Valentine’s day, because he said that was all his dad would let him get me. seriously….. his dad picked him up at work and drove him to cash his paycheck and then to the store…. I should have known that marriage was doomed right then and there!

  • http://imbusywithbabies.blogspot.com/ Heather

    The worst present I’ve received was nothing. Not a gosh darned thing. To quote my husband directly: “You wanted me to get you something?” This wasn’t mean or anything, he’s just totally clueless!

  • Vickie H.

    With a Birthday on the 10th of Feb, it is usually an either or situation. So I go ahead and opt for the birthday hoping for a Valentine any whoooooooooo.

  • Tanya Moran

    We had planned a Valentine’s Day dinner and to exchange gifts in the evening. During the day, we made a trip together to the mall. He actually walked me into Victoria’s Secret and bought a $10 gift certificate as I stood right next to him (in the days before gift cards) which he gave me later that night. Ahh the romance. *I divorced him 3 years later*

  • CrystalGB

    Worst was a card that said sorry I didn’t have the money to get you a gift.

  • Darcy Bishop

    My husband and I had been dating for about a year, but it was our first Valentine’s Day and he was so proud of the gift he got me–for days he was telling me how much I was going to love it. So I went all out and bought him a $300 watch that he really wanted and I couldn’t afford. Valentine’s Day arrives he gives me my tiny box– I open it to find a silver claddagh ring –exactly like the one already on my finger. The only piece of jewelery that I wear and had been wearing for the past 8 years. He told me “it looked like something I would like” he went to put it on my finger and had a fit when he found one already there–he took the one he purchased (that was at least 2 sizes too big) and threw it out my eleventh floor window–and stormed out!

  • Linda C

    The worst gift I ever received was an epa-lady… He said isn’t this wonderful you won’t have to shave you legs that often… I tried it and screamed…He said It can’t be that bad…SOOO.. I did it to him and he cryed like a baby… and I thought my yelling was bad but that was NUTS!!!

  • Lori

    After dating only 2 months my husbands first Valentines Day gift was a ugly black mens winter coat, I still married him.

  • Cheryl

    My wedding anniversary is Valentine’s Day. I thought by getting married on that day, my husband would have NO EXCUSES when it came to remembering. Wrong! One year, when he got home from work, I greeted him with a “Happy Anniversary”. The look on his face told me he had forgotten. I gave him my gift, and waited… He rushed out to his truck, and came back with a store bag. I opened it to find a pair of gel soles (his size) and a pair of work gloves. I looked at him confused and hurt, and burst into tears as these were obviously items he had bought for himself!!! It took him 8 years to own up to me that he had forgotten and that these were for him!

  • http://www.beckysgifts.scentsy.us Becky clark

    My worst was when I got a half dead rosebush in the mail at work!!! I don’t have flows in my yard because I kill them just by touching them. lol. My husband revived this bush and its the prettiest rose bush in my yard.

  • Katheryn Ruiz

    For our first valentines day, my boyfriend bought me a hammer. He said he was tired of me using my shoe heels to put nails in the wall. Every year since for valentines or birthday’s I get one appliance or tool.

  • Colleen

    The worst gift I’ve received is nothing. He said it was a made up holiday…lol – aren’t they all?!

  • Dianna thomas

    We have been married over 20 yrs– last yr was probably the worse–it was nothing– I had given Mike a card-candy- and a beautiful dinner–His favorite– Scallops–and in the middle of the dinner plate was a gift card for a message at one our favorite places. He looks at me and says– come on its just another day–I give up.. That really hurt. I won’t give up–guess that’s love.

  • Bonnie Anderson

    The worst I have given for a Valentine’s gift was nothing, we couldn’t afford to give each other something. Doctor’s bills for surgeries, have made it hard to spend many a time. I broke my ankle three years back, and then had to have emergency surgery last year. My husband is a sweetheart, but many a time we have missed out on Valentine’s Day. I usually buy myself something after the holiday, when we get a tax return, and the debts on the credit card are taken care of. My husband accepts that I buy most of my own gifts because he doesn’t want to disappoint me.

  • Cathy Durham

    My ex didn’t have a romantic cell in his body. He always had a way of buying something for me that HE wanted. One Valentines’ day I got a shotgun. Which, to some women, might seem like a pretty awesome gift. Problem was, I never, ever, ever hunted, never saw myself hunting, ever. As a matter of fact, I really had a fear of guns. So, this was definitely something for him, not me. I cooked a nice dinner and bought him a little something nice (we didn’t have much money), thinking that hey, maybe this year would be different and I’d get something nice. Well, it sure was different!

  • Nancy

    Valentine’s Day was 12 days before we got married and I got ….nothing. I let my fiance know how disappointed I was.

  • Karen M

    How about one year My dear hubby bought me a JOINTER PLANER. those not knowing what this is, ( it is a wood planer for smaller pieces of wood). Sure we both loved working in the garage doing crafts. BUT a jointer planer?
    I love him dearly and we have had a few laughs over it.

  • Barbra M

    I love my husband dearly, but there isn’t a romantic bone in his body. He thought giving me a new iron would be very practical and “nice”. However, he decided to use it first and then wrap it. Unfortunately, he never emptied out the water from it when he wrapped it!

  • Katheryn Ruiz

    I just gotta say I thinkDelores Goneau should get it. God Bless your son.

  • Valerie

    My husband and I are highschool sweet hearts and have been together longer than I can count. But my husband has had alot of misses when it comes to gift giving. One christmas he gave me art, like 3 pieces of art, I was 25 at the time and all I wanted was any piece of jewelry. That next year on Valentines day I was really hoping for diamonds. I didnt care how big or small. So on Valentine’s Day he takes the kids and I out to a baseball game. I was like why are we going to a baseball game? Then he said well it is your Valentines day gift. So I went along with it and it wasnt until midway through the game and he could see my frustration, he said I brought you hear so you could have a chance to get a diamond ring. Apparently there was a diamond dig out on the field after the game. YOu could win a diamond ring if you dug it up.
    I was mad but desperate, needless to say I didnt find the diamond ring but I did end up with broken nails and scratched up knuckles from that stupid dig.

    When we got home he gave me a box of chocolates , I guess that was my consolation prize.

  • Kym J

    We were in the process of redoing our bathroom, so my husband thought a 2ft resin bear toilet paper roll holder would be nice! It doesn’t even match the bathroom……he tried. I just couldn’t take it back so we use it camping and laugh!

  • Paula Sherman

    How about the Valentines candy heart that my husband gave to all my sisters and his sister, and I got NOTHING???? Not even a card. That was VERY, VERY early in our marriage. I still get nothing, but neither do they (from my husband anyway).

  • Kimberly B.

    My husband is the worst when it comes to gift giving. A few years ago he gave me Hickory Farms food basket. Which I guess isn’t terrible, however, upon closer inspection I realized that it was an after Christmas clearance item! Can you be any cheaper? What was he thinking??? Ugghh, and to top it off he ended up eating the “gift” all by himself!

  • Diana

    I got a card last year from my boyfriend that said “Love me Sweet” “Love me tender” “Love me on a hood or fender” Needless to say… He did not even get a kiss!

  • Howard Sobel

    Well, one day before Valentine’s Day, my ex-girlfriend asked if I was going to send her a Valentine’s Day gift. I said I would if she wanted one, and of course she said yes. So I asked a friend of mine working at a local florist if she could spray paint some roses BLACK to send to my ex. She did this for me and I sent them to my exes office where everyone could see them. Needless to say, she didn’t ask me the next year for a Valentines gift.

  • Andrea D

    How about some long underwear!.. My husband got me those once for Valentines day.. at the beginning of our relationship.. We live in a very cold climate and he said he just wanted me to stay warm..Practical yes.. Romantic..no
    Thanks for the chance at the gorgeous earrings :)

  • Cheryl Johnson

    I agree with Katherine Ruiz that earrings should go to Delores Goneau. My granddaughter has Aspbergers/Autism and it is a huge job for the children and parents. Kudos to Delores, one day she will truly be rewarded for her selflessness.

  • Carolyn

    My husband and I will have been married 50 years next January, but I always think about one Valentine’s Day 45 years ago. My husband was a Navy Pilot and on Valentine’s Day was leaving on the ship for Vietnam (great planning US NAVY). He completely forgot it was Valentine’s Day. My good friend’s husband was leaving on the same ship She called and told me about the great present her husband got her. I started crying. My husband forgot something and had to come back and found me crying–more because he would be gone for the next 10 months. We are way past worrying about Valentine’s Day. He has been a great husband and that is worth much more to me.

  • Laura Alford

    Years ago, my husband had asked me what I wanted for Valentines day, I fluttered my eyelashes and said “why I would love something that’s sparkly and shiny.”

    Valentines Day came and my husband presented me with a huge heavy box! I was a bit perplexed when he handed me the box thinking to myself a nice piece of jewelry really doesn’t need to be in a box so large. I reluctantly opened the box only to find a TOASTER OVER!! I looked at my husband in shock. He said “what’s wrong, don’t you like it? It sparkles and shines and you don’t have one.”

    I placed the oven on the kitchen counter walked away and pouted for about and hour. Thinking I had probably suffered enough, my husband came over to me and told me to open the toaster oven door. Inside was a beautiful diamond bracelet! Isn’t he a stinker!!!

  • Rose

    Our first Valentine’s Day I got a scale, given I was trying to lose weight, but still…not romantic

  • Diana

    I got a card last year from my boyfriend that said “Love Me Seet” “Love Me Tender” “Love Me On A Hood Or Fender”. Needless to say the only thing he got was a slap upside the head!

  • stephanie willis

    When I was dating my ex-husband, for our first Valentine’s day, he bought me a blender. Of all things. I was so disappointed and should have realized what this predicted for my future gifts!

  • jackie

    My boyfriend and I have been together for over 15 years. In the beginning he used to do alot for me. Now its not that he doesn’t care. We both have been laid off at work almost 1 and a half years ago. we both search desperately for jobs but for a mechanic and a proffesional detailer….well theres just not alot out there. Usually on a valentines day we just try to be together. Of corse I am a woman. Sometimes a little something feels wonderful. He’ll pick dandilions for me if he sees them . There my favorite flower or weed which ever. I like that even if you pick one , dozens will grow in it’s place. they are free like me. sorry got carried away. I just wish I could once have something that nice I could wear with a nice dress to our favorite restaurant. Just my love and I smileing across at each other. Dreamy.

  • anissa harrell

    I have been with the man I am with for almost 13 years. We have 3 beautiful children. It sure isnt because of his gifts to me, that isnt the way he won me over. The first Valentines day together, he started the day off by telling me that we were painting the living room after I got the stuff out. Great start. After about 3 hours, I asked if he cared if I went to the store to get him a card. He through me 20.00 and said go. I came home with him a card, I dont remember what all, and he said wheres your? I said what? He said,”You didnt by yourself a card too?” I had never heard of that one. I said,”You are joking right?” He was serious. He was mad. I finally got mad when I figured out he wasnt joking. He thought I should go stand in the card isle and pick my own card out. I asked hi, did you want me to sign your name too? That was our first major arguement. Our last one was over my b-day in September last year when he decided birthdays dont mean anything and I didnt even get a card.No Christmas present either.Not much fun here. I would give anything to win those earrings.

  • Kathy

    Probably the worst gift that I got was way back when pantsuits were popular and my husband bought a very nice pantsuit but I was in shock when I saw the color. It was bright yellow! I wore it once just to say that I wore it but I felt like a giant banana walking down the street!

  • D Searcy

    The worst gift was no gift, no card, nothing. That said it all.

  • Pam Ferolano

    I would love to win those earings, you see, I have nothing, my beautiful Daughter died, my Angel of a Sister committed suicide 4 months after my Daughter died, then having no money, which I still don’t, I had to sell all my jewelry that I had accumulated over the past 45 years to pay my bills. So if I do win them, they would be the only jewelry I own, well anyway, you can dream, thank you.

  • KATE

    The worse Valentine’s Day gift I ever received – was my Husband leaving me and telling me he didn’t want to be married anymore. I used to think that was really awful, BUT, now I find that it was actually a blessing as I am in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man, so it may actually have been the best gift……

    Thank you! :-)

  • Rhonda

    My honey got me a box of chocolates. Which would have been perfect if they were not all filled with centers I did not like. I keep trying to hint that a box of Turtles chocolates would be great(and probably much cheaper)! Oh well, it’s the thought that counts! Love you, honey!

  • Kimberly Alumbaugh

    the worst Valentines Day was being out with my husband and causually
    enjoying the day, for him to say, I am not a very good husband so what
    do you want to Valentines Day?? Knowing he knew what day it was and just could not bring himself to buy a card or something just made it terrible
    really makes a girl feel loved

  • Starr Gramenz


  • Kara

    My ex boyfriend, with my entire family around us, handed me a small box, the size that would typically hold jewelry. I was so excited to open it up! I popped off the lid and there sat a rock. An actual rock…with a picture of a fish carved into it. He said that because I had hinted at wanting a ‘rock’ he thought this would be the perfect gift, and funny as well. I didn’t find it quite as humorous. Needless to say he is NOT the man I eventually accepted a ‘rock’ from.

  • http://www.caninerescueofcentralpa.org Linda Peck

    No gift, no card….nothing.

  • Ben

    Well I suppose I did one better one year than giving nothing and decided to go snowboarding for the day with a buddy of mine. We had a great day. But there was no gift that year. But at least I can say it wasn’t my anniversary. (That distinction went to my buddy who came with me that day.)

  • Pam Hallman

    One Valentines Day when we were short on cash, I decided that I would do everything in hearts for the day. I made heart shaped Valentine cookies with everyones’ name on them, I printed out heart shaped Valentine cards, and my specialty for the day was the heart shaped hamburgers and homemade heart shaped hamburger buns! I even looked all over the grocery store until I found a tomato that I could cut into heart shaped slices! Yeah, I guess I got a litte creative that day! Hubby sure enjoyed it. The kids were too full of cookies to really like the “heartburgers” much…LOL

  • Debra Fish


  • Katherine

    Only being married three years and having just moved into our first home, my husband bought a stereo set with 2 detatable speakers for our living room. No card, just the gift. I told him I would have preferred a card and ever after that I always got a card, and the day after Valentine’s day he bought me a box of Lofts parlays.

  • S Acklin

    That would have to be the horrendous Christmas sweater that “you can wear next year!” Ughh terrible.

  • Donna Harrington

    My worst “Valentine’s Day Gift” was a shovel with a 5′ tall handle. That my husband thought would be funny, well my sobs didn’t make it funny, nor did he realize how in poor taste it was to even say that. He had actually just gotten a good buy on the shovel and was just joking around about it being my gift. To make matters worse, his friend who was with him when he bought it, decided he should bring it up the next day, to just upset me more. It’s been about ten years, and I have never touched that shovel.

  • Ann Mcmillian

    For me it has been the years with out a valentine, I am blessed to have someone special now, it is our first valentine’s and I am not expecting anything. I would love to win them, but I would be as happy to see someone like Pam F. win them, I suffered two big losses this year my gram and my dad, but I do have my 2 children and my sisters for support…Bless her and my best wishes to her, God will make a way…always know that.

  • Lynn Petty

    My deceased husband gave me a waffle iron, with the comment that he liked waffles and he thought it would be good if I cooked him waffles. He died 24 years ago the day after Valentine’s when he gave me the Waffle Iron. I wish I had not got so mad and cooked the waffle.

  • Judy

    The worst Valentine’s gift was no gift at all and that’s exactly what I gave him!

  • Pleasant Boswell

    The worst I’ve received was nothing at all, when I bought something. Nothing was said, but I at least expected a card.

  • Jane Cappelli

    The worst Valentine ‘s day gift from my husband was when he bought me an attachment for his own camera.

  • Kimberly Ripley

    My husband once gave me a zip drive for Valentine’s Day. He seemed to think I needed one and I didn’t even know what the stupid thing was. It was very un-romantic!

  • Deb Mofle

    An oil change for my car. How romantic!

  • pam

    My worse Valentines gift was no gift at all, I was forgotton completely.
    I had a gift for him, but he forgot. I don’t think men know how much that hurts, but I did get over it. (eventually)

  • Gail Volpe

    My husband was very unromantic and did not believe in Valentines day, he said it was too commercialized. As a result I got nothing, not even a card.
    I always bought him a mushy card and prepared a special meal hoping to change him but that never happened. He has been gone 12 years now. I
    would rather have him than a card or a box of candy any day.

  • Rhonda Fox-Sweeten

    A marriage on Valentines day that did not last, after I gave 13 of my best years.

  • Rae

    A trash can…I kept complaining that the lid wouldn’t stay on ours.

  • Gloria Turner

    My husband remembered the first year of our marriage and sent flowers. I have not received any thing since then, and that was many years ago. I always buy him something.

  • Susan

    The worst gift I was given for Valentines day was a snow storm. I was headed home after a weekend work seminar, when we had a very bad snow storm. I was about 15 miles from home before I got stopped due to a tractor trailer jacknifed across a set off railroad tracks. I was stuck sitting in my car for 9 hours before I got home.

  • Sally

    I have not bought an anniversary card for my Darling
    Husband for a couple years now…will get one this
    year, though…THANKS for the REMINDER!

  • Virginia Walker

    Nothing, zilch,Nada thing even after 40 years of marriage. Oh well he gets what I do now.

  • Jenn

    My worst Valentine’s gift was a “vacation” to another state. By “vacation” I mean an eight-hour trip to an in-laws wedding where I got left at the venue by my husband because there was “no room in the car with the rest of us”.

  • Haley

    My birthday is on Feb. 8th, as my husband typically forgets, so I frequently get my birthday present on Valentine’s Day. One year it was a new snow shovel!!!

  • Tina

    My worst Valentine’s Day ever was when I was dating a grown man in his early forties ( I was in my late thirties) and he got me a 75 cent
    box of chocolates. You know, the kind little children in kindergarten exchange in class; the teeny, tiny box with 4 pieces of candy. We just started dating exclusively in January so I didn’t expect a big gift but this present was downright ridiculous. A card would have been much better than this. Apparently, he couldn’t spring for an adult size box of candy. Gee, I really know how to pick ‘em. Needless to say, our relationship didn’t make it to Easter.

  • Bonnie Turner

    My ex husband gave me a carpenter’s router for valentines day one year. I’m am not a carpenter! He was! He didn’t even wrap it. He it to me in the Lowe’s buy it came in.
    I had cooked a nice dinner, candles, chocolates and a sexy nighty. Needless to say, he did not get any of these. I lovingly told him where he could stick the router. That should have been an indication that he would eventually be an ex! LOL

  • Caroline Finley

    One year, after we had been married a couple of years, I received for Valentines Day a pair of Victoria’s Secret pink Flannel Pajamas… It could seem nice, but they were an extra large pair when I only wore medium at the time! The arms and legs were about 7 inches too long! I wasn’t sure what to think!!! He really didn’t want to see me, I guess!

  • Elizabeth Boylan

    2009 was the worst. It wasn’t exactly ON valentines day but shortly after and totally obliterated it. Our next anniversary was going to be our 23rd one. I came home from work unexpectedly and the house was locked up tight. After finally making it inside to find my nervous husband minus his socks on a cold day in February, I finally found my best friend of 21 years hiding in the closet. It was and is the worst devastation ever.

  • Stacey Faulkner McNally

    This happened about 5 years ago, I worked at a huge company, the flowers and chocolates that were supposed to be delivered to me were delivered to another Stacey. So, I did not receive anything for Valentine’s Day.

  • Leslie Frey

    I thought my daughter was going to be a Valentine’s baby, but she came early. Bummer

  • Lisa Smith

    My husband gave me a girdle for our 5th Valentine’s day. I had been looking for one to go under a dress for a special occasion and he just happened to find a very sexy one that worked great. However, it’s the principle of the thing, a GIRDLE for Valentine’s Day! I never let him live it down.

  • Dawn

    In 1999, the Valentines day after our second (and last child) was born, I received a wonderful gift!!! HAHAHAHA-Tears!!!!! A Scale all wrapped with red ribbon with glittery hearts along with an old favorite pair of blue jeans I used to wear!!!! Im pretty sure that said it all!!! Soooooooooo not appreciated!!!!!!

  • Wendie Lather

    My hubs isn’t the hearts and flowers kind, so I never get anything for Valentine’s day, heck I don’t get anything for any holiday from him…not even Christmas our Anniversary, or even my birthday. If I want something I have to go buy it for myself…I would be surprised if he ever got me anything…oh well.

  • Jan

    This story is a stoneage story. Back when I was a junior in high school I was hoping for something as simple as a box of chocolates. The gift I got was a model truck that my than boy friend had built. He didn’t even drive a truck. Oh course, I acted thrilled.

  • Arden

    the worst gift received was a thong from a woman that had a crush on me but I didn’t have one on her and she even wanted me to model it for her.

  • erin

    we had just started dating and a few days before v day my boyfriends boss planned to spur of the moment take the guys to vegas. what did i get out of the deal, a keychain and a coffee mug and did i mentioned now we have been married 5 years. guess it was a good thing i didnt argue so early in our relationship.

  • david

    well my story is like this for valentines day gift she handed me a big box and when i opened the first one nothing in it when igot to the second and so on there was nothing finally i got to the last small box and i opened it only to find a superman g string so thats my valentines story

  • Lawrence Kaplowitz

    When I was single and living in NJ near New York City I had a ‘first date’ with a gal I had known for a long time – on Valentines Day.

    I was working in the R&D department of a military contractor and we had a Chinese physict inthe group.

    We were planning on going into NYC forf dinner that night – so, of course, I had ‘T L’ select a restaurant and the menu.

    I found out later thast she didn’t like mushrooms & all the appetizers and entrees contained mushrooms.!

    Last Augist we celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary…

  • Jennifer

    Russell Stover chocolates. Those things taste like cardboard. If someone wants to buy “fancy” chocolates, they shouldn’t expect to find them at CVS.

  • Suzanne Fedderly

    I got a carpet machine AND a microwave the same year. It was our first year together and I had to pretend that it was great! Didn’t want to hurt his feelings…he thought he’d done well.

  • Hannah B.

    When I was young & single, my boyfriend gave me a set of stainless flatware. Yuck! How romantic, right? He later asked me to marry him but I said no because I could see a future with valentine gifts like mops and dustpans, right? LOL

  • Linda Connell

    One year after giving birth to our 2nd child and not feeling so pretty, my husband gave me a nail file kit. Didn’t cheer me up, but I pretended it was sweet.

  • Sheryl Matthews

    My story? My (then) husband had been whining for months about the idea that I should learn to make Chinese food. I didn’t really like chinese food, but I tried a few recipes to make him happy (he knew I didn’t like it). So, the genius thought it would be so romantic if he bought me a wok for Valentine’s Day! He even bought groceries so I could fix him dinner that night! Wow, really?

  • ronald schauer

    I’ve been married for 25 years. My wife is a beautuful person, but she is not sentimental. I have never received anything on Valentine’s Day for 25 years.

  • Rebecca

    My worst Valentines gift I was given was by my now EX husband who bought a strap on to use on HIM! If you don’t know what that is, google it, it’s gross.

  • Sharon

    The worse present I got for Valentine’s Day was nothing. My husband thought that if he picked out something I might not like it so he decided to get me nothing oh yeah I did get a card. Of course we suppose to go to the mall after Valentine’s Day then I can pick out something myself. I think i better leave him a hint or something or just buy what i want and tell him how much he owes me for my gift. lol lol

  • Susan

    The worst Valentine’s Day gift that I received was a bunch of coupons. You know the kind. This coupon is good for one hug. This coupon is good for one kiss. This coupon is good for one foot massage, etc.

  • Geralynn Ross

    About 20 years ago my Husband purchased for me a dayglo blue ,silver,and black tapestry of a naked woman petting a pegasus. He paid $5 to a guy on the road side, selling them out of his truck!!. My Hubby really didn’t get why I didn’t like my present! Just 1 of many gift horror stories related to my Loving Husband ;)

  • gina stevens

    Usually I recieve no gift on Valentine’s Day. But, I was lucky enough to get a clock radio one year!! Never late to work……at least!

  • Robert Hogan

    The worst gift I received on Valentine’s Day were out of the blue divorce papers, no wait, that was actually the best gift I have ever received on Valentine’s Day!

  • Julie Carlson

    My husband and I have been married for almost 19 years. I have gotten quite a few of “bad” valentines gifts. The few that stand out in my mind the most are: I received a cordless phone one year, a cheap vacuum cleaner one year, and a dish drying rack another year. How romantic!! Needless to say, the last few years, I have gotten cards with a gift card in them or I am taken out to eat somewhere since. Maybe he has learned his lesson?? lol

  • Cynthia

    I have 3 kids under the age of 5. After complaining about having to shampoo the carpet and what a pain it is to lug out the giant carpet cleaner, my husband got me a hand version…it was wrapped in nice paper, had a card and he even had the kids sign it! He then proceeded to attach it to the wall in the laundry room so that I would have easy access when the kids spilt something. What a treat!

  • Nidia

    When my husband was my boyfriend he used to give a Valentine gift. Things changed over the years and he stopped giving me Valentine’s. I used to give him a little something and even comment 2 or 3 days before Valentine’s “I bought something for you” trying to give him a clue about what I was expecting from him but, Noooo. No gifts for me so I keep waiting for that Valentine gift.

  • Liz

    I once received this God awful ceramic collectible… almost like a picture frame, but instead of a picture, this cheesey quote about love lasting forever (I’d been on 2 dates with the guy) surrounded by roses. Terrible.

  • Alma Cooper

    I don’t know if this is considered a ‘worst’ Valentine’s gift, but I was the giver. I gave my husband a HoneyBaked ham. Definitely not your traditional Valentine’s Day gift!

  • Lee R.

    My worst Valentine’s day present would have to be the year that my spouse gave me kitchen towels. We were poor and those old towels were ratty, but kitchen towels do not fit the bill for a Valentine’s day present. He’s much better now, by the way.

  • Amy

    in 1998 my husband forgot Valentines day, so early that day I started to prepare a nice romantic dinner for the two of us when he came home, I gave him his card early. He left and went to the bedroom (what I thought he was doing was changing clothes) well, he came back into the kitchen approximately 20 min later and gave me this gift that was wrapped up in the Sunday newspaper comic section. What was inside? A fruit cake left from Christmas that we recieved as a gift!! Needless to say, It was a VERY COLD dinner!

  • Sue

    The worst gift I ever received was a bathroom scale!!! Even though I didn’t have one, it was NOT the gift I was hoping for…

  • Dalia

    the worst valentines day present I ever recieved was after 7 years of being with my partner he got me a bucket filled with cleaning supplies, cuz I inadvertently mentioned some new cleaning products I wanted to try.

  • Jenny

    In 1994 my husband put a blind foldon me and took me for a ride, on the way to where he was taking me, Of course I kept questioning him. (Where are we going, what is it you want to show me)? After a 10 minute ride he pulled the blind fold off and said (Happy Valentines Sweet Heart). He had taken me out to our newly purchased acreage, that we were clearing for our new home. As I looked around I saw this small building under the trees. I just say there and stared at the one hole out house! I cried, then laughed so hard, I had to go use it!

  • Susi Moffitt

    The worst “gift” I ever got from my (now ex) husband was this: two years in a row, he gave me the EXACT SAME card. On top of that, the second year he gave me roses (the first, nothing) — despite the fact that I HATE roses, having been raised in the country and loving wild or mixed flowers way more. Well, I never so much as smelled or held those flowers, and about four weeks later, when they were black as coal, he was the one who threw them away. (The next husband won’t make the same mistake!)

  • Sharon McDonald

    My husband got me a red leaf blower. Red for Valentines Day. He told me it would make it easier on me when I am trying to sweep our wrap around porch and that I can just use the leaf blower instead of a broom.

  • Barbara

    The worst Valentine’s Day gift I have received was a pair of silver dangling fish bone-skeleton earrings. My boyfriend went fishing in Mexico for Valentine’s and returned with these. He was quite proud of himself I might add. They were, of course pure silver, he noted.

  • Sarah B.

    I once received a rock polisher. Odd choice considering I had never expressed any interest in polishing rocks!

  • Brittany Vaught

    The worst V-Day gift I ever received was a card. No roses, no date night, just a card….and it wasn’t even written in!

  • Jinny Baldridge

    The worst valentine gift I ever received was a pair of gravity boots to hang upside down with. Whatever was he thinking.

  • Shirley T

    I get on food “kicks” where I eat one thing a lot. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner until I can’t bare to look at them again. When I was younger I was drinking tomato juice constantly. My boyfriend thought it was funny and all he gave me was a can of tomato juice for Valentine’s day. I guess he thought he was giving me something I really wanted but I cried for a long time. It would have been different I guess if he had gotten me chocolates or flowers too.



  • Ms. Tee

    Sent flowers/candy/balloons to my lady who was a FedX employee. The items were delivered via UPS. At the time I did not know UPS could not deliver to FedX so nothing was delivered. To make matters worse UPS “lost” the delivery [oh pleez]. My girl received “zip” on our FIRST Valentines day. The flower company made things correct and sent them to her Mom’s house 5 days later. Lesson: deliver yourself.

  • christine

    1 dozen dead red roses. Apparently he purchased them a couple of days before valentines day and kept them in his car (???) Considering we lived in the notheast and it was still winter they froze. I really don’t understand why he still gave them to me ! Men are very strange beings.

  • Ann

    Well… one year when my kids were very young, my husband took them shopping to get mommy something for VDay. They all know how much I love candles so they purchased one of the more expensive type pillar ones, scented with my favorite, lilac. I burned it that night at dinner and it was wonderful. Loved it! Only one problem- after that I could never get it to stay lit and burn right again :(

  • Christy Grasmick

    The WORST Valentine’s gift I ever got was a half eat box of chocolates!!! I was in high school and my BF bought me a box of chocolates and I guess he got hungry cuz he ate half of them or more!!! I will never forget that! LOL I was speechless!

  • Carole Cantagallo

    The worst valentine gift I ever received was a plunger. We had only been married 2-months and it is understandable this marriage thing was new to both of us, but to be totally brain dead when it came to gift giving, he takes the award. This should of been a sign of things to come. The marriage was short lived and after a year and two months, we went our separate ways, me with my plunger and him with memories of THAT day.

  • gina p

    i received a piece of pumpkin pie and my husband that has known me for 37 years since i was 14 knows how much i HATE pumpkin pie ( mind you it was only a piece) he ate it because i would not even touch it.

  • Cheryl Patrick

    My new husband sent me two dozen red/white/pink roses to my work place, 3 days later we left for our belated honeymoon. Wonderful gift, but so little time to enjoy them.

  • Tamara Bourque

    I received a “refrigerator magnet” How’s that for being the most special person in someone’s life?

  • Susy

    I receeved a gift certificate for an oil change. very romantic.

  • Shirley Householder

    I only get a card for Valentine’s Day. I have never gotten a gift on Valentine’s Day and have been married since 1965 to a great guy. I do have pierced ears and would love to wear these earrings anywhere.

  • Shirley Householder

    I have never received a gift on Valentine’s Day and have been married to the same great guy since 1965. We get each other a card. He is not the gift buying guy so I would love to get these diamond earrings as a Valentine’s Day gift.

  • Kimberly Taylor

    I’ve always had practical thoughts about gift-giving and prefer to give or get something that you will actually use. For years, I used to put a list on the refridgerator of things that I actually needed and my husband could buy me if he wanted to get me something. Well, little did I know that my practicality would backfire and I realized that sometimes being less frugal is a good thing when I received a BROOM for Valentine’s Day!

  • Diane Parrish

    The worst thing that I ever got for Valentine’s day was dead roses.

  • Joy Dasher

    Hi, Im digging way back for this, but here goes. I dated a guy for four years and thought we would eventually marry. When Valentines day came, I just knew there was an engagement ring. But, to my surprise I received rubber floormats for my car! Needless to say, we didnt marry.

  • Marina

    The guy I was dating at the time gave me a bottle of perfume. Not really a scent I cared for, but it was the thought that counted. A week later his sister told me he had gotten the perfume from his mother… she gave it to him to give to me because she hated the scent!

  • lorigayle

    After 10 years of marriage. I can honestly say I’ve NEVER received a Valentines Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday or anyother gift from my hubby! So I guess I’d have to say my worst gift is what I always get~~~~~NOTHING!!

  • Bev Gaw

    Hi Karen,

    I guess you can call my load of mulch bad, but I love the outdoors & I have fun working in my yard. Also, our newspaper puts little “love messages” in every Valentines Day & my husband put an” I love you” ad in to make up for the mulch.

    He died at age 52, so I have great memories of Valentine’s day.

    Keep up your great work. I’d miss your sales if you quit.

    Bev Gaw

  • Susan

    I had a day i lost my diamond erring in the sink of my bathroom i cried i criedbut one was gone now i cant ware them.that the worst day of my life

  • Leigh

    I once received a subscription for “Shape Magazine” on Valentines Day. You could say I was a bit offended….. He turned into an “Ex” very soon after that, haha.

  • Michele

    The worst Valentine Days gift I received was a bottle of perfume. My boyfriend told me that is was the favorite perfume of his ex-girlfriend. Not only was it a thoughtless gift, it smelled horrible!!!

  • Becki

    I think this was much worse then,than it is now….but , I once received tires for Valentine’s……but, he was thinking about my safety on the road. I love him and have been married for almost 39 years. So, it works …..!!!

  • Sheri Hill

    The worst gift I ever got for Valentines Day was one of those stupid singing fish that hangs on your wall and automatically turns on when you walk by it. I don’t like to go fishing, I’ve never expressed an interest in having a fish tank and I don’t even like to eat seafood! Seriously…

  • Patricia

    The worst Valentine’s Day I received was the divorce paper’s, that morning left on the nightstand. He had moved out, had a new girlfriend he lied through the whole relationship. I was clueless. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

  • Betty Vincent

    It was a HOME CANNING SET! Needless to say, I was in a huff. To his credit, the next time it was a gift-giving day…After stating “Betty wants baubles” I got cologne.

  • Barb F.

    Nothing said “I have no clue what the word love means” as did the Valentines Day gift I recieved from my ex as did the gift of the antique copper boiler that had no lid, bottom rusting out, looked as if someone had taken a sledge hammer to it 1000 times. While I do love collectibles and antiques, this was an exception to the rule, I shall hope it recieved a proper departure when it was it holding lightweight items in the group of items that was taken to a scrapyard. I hope there is something made of copper that is beautiful that it reincarnated to being. To add insult to injury, he was so proud he’d rescued it from someone he noticed who was in the process of putting it in the trash. If nothing else, kudos to recycling.

  • karen c.

    I wouldn’t say it’s my worst gift, but my husband and I set a ridiculous limit on how much we can spend on each other for V-day. Last year it was $3, and we see who can buy the most stuff without going over the limit. I got a stinky candle, some hugging monkeys with holes in them, a candy bar, and a pack of Jack Daniels coffee…he really knows the way to my heart :)

  • http://www.robertagail.com RobertaGail Rudolf

    This is honest truth – A Harrington Ham! He knew how much I liked them & the store was across the street from the train station he was taking the train from to my house so he got me a ham. This was 7 years ago, we are no longer together but I am still smoking over that ham!

  • Kristi

    My worst Valentines Day gift disappointment was the year my husband discovered the Dollar Stores. I had stupidly taken him one day to get some snacks for him at work. That Valentines Day I received a ceramic chicken trinket, a little frog something or rather, and a box of chocolate covered cherries. His favorite chocolates, and as you can probably guess… I never got one =)

  • Su

    On Valentine’s day, I was expecting something romantic. But guess what I got….Membership to Weight Watchers. I have been wanting to lose weight for the longest time. So it came in handy but not the gift that I had hoped for!

  • Stephanie W.

    Lets put it this way, I have never gotten a gift for Valentines Day. Unless of course you include family and friends. But from a boyfriend or lets say my fiancee for example, nope. I have been with him for going on five years now and have not gotten a single Valentines Day gift and probably never will. I love him to death but something, anything would be nice. The gift of nothing is the worst possible gift ever.

  • Jes

    The worst thing I ever received from anyone was- Nothing. My ex-husband just acted as if the day meant nothing, just another day, so in-sensitive, I guess that’s one of the reasons he’s my ex now.

  • jill

    The worst gift I ever got was a set of thong undies — from my nieghbor! Yuck! They were in a gift bag with lots of fluffy tissue paper and all that, and I opened the bag in front of family members!! Soooo awkward!! And creepy… I barely knew the guy!!

  • teresa

    My husband usually gives me nothing. He gave me a bottle of Jack Daniels one year, then turned around the next day and gave it to a friend.

  • brenda

    my husband in the 17 year we have been married he has got me something twice, that was in the first 2 years. now i am lucky to get oh happy valentines day so i guess the worst present i got for valentines day is nothing.

  • Cathy

    My husband is the King of Cheap. Anyone who knows him, knows this. The one and only time he sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day, he charged them to my credit card! I guess it’s the thought that counts.

  • Teresa

    I think the worst was the sorry i don’t celebrate that holiday.

  • Teresa

    Sorry I don’t celebrate that hallmark holiday was the worst yet!

  • Cari S

    I got the Miracle Thaw one year for V-Day, it’s this metal tray like thing that you put your frozen meat on and it supposedly makes the meat thaw quicker…..that did not go over so well, in fact I recently reconnected with a young man (he was a kid then, an adult now) and he said, hey remember that time when Tony got you the Miracle Thaw, yeah you were’nt so happy.

    Now I just get a card if I am lucky and he remembers.

  • Michael

    The worst gift I ever received was a box of expensive cookies that my wife thought were my favorite, but were actually her ex fiances favorite.

  • Wayne

    My wife forgot to say that when I gave her the beautiful yellow pantsuit that I got nothing in return. It is the thought that counts.

  • Marla

    Last year for Valentine’s day my husband gave me 2 books. One was a diet book and the other was Windows 7 for Dummies.

    I asked him if that meant he thought I was fat AND dumb!?!?!!

  • beverly isaacs

    the worst present i received for valentines day was a balloon that said happy valentines day from my spouse. i asked him where my gift was and he said that’s it. all i could say was hmmm.

  • Phyllis

    How about a card that he didn’t even bother to sign? Needless to say, that relationship went nowhere.

  • Donna

    He totally forget to get me anything. After I gave him a card he went looking for something. He found a sticker of a Rastafarian guy with huge dreadlocks and gave that to me. How romantic. :(

  • Mary Peters

    The worst one was my fisrt Valentines Day, after being married almost 1 year. My Husband went home during his lunch hour with flowers and a beautiful box of See’s Candy and left them on our dresser for me to find when I arrived home from work. Needless to say, our beagle Dog ‘Misty’ found them before I did! The candy was eaten,box toren up and water and flowers all over our bedroom! Later that evening needless to say-my dog got sick! It was one day I will never forget!

  • Carol Solze

    Nothing,nothing and nothing!!!

  • Diane L

    The worst Valentines present I received a day late a box of chocolates.

  • Lisa Tracy


  • Michelle Seely

    Nothing at all…

  • Cristina S.

    The worst gift I ever got was a quesadilla maker. It wasn’t really the quesadilla maker, it’s that I was expecting something ELSE! Boy, was I wrong!

  • elise

    The worst gift I ever got for Valentine was having my husband come home extra late from work, thereby spoiling the surprise sweetheart dinner done by me. To top it off, he left work on time & went to a co-worker’s video party. When he did get home he blew off my dinner as if it was NOTHING!!

  • Scott Patrick

    I am guilty of the bad gift. My soon to be wife bought me a chinchilla for my birthday (including cage, water bottle, food dish, food and bedding). We had the chinchilla about a month and she told me how it was hard to keep the bedding vacuumed up (the chinchilla is always kicking it out of her cage) so, for Valentines Day, I bought her a cordless vacuum. Boy, what a hopeless romantic I am!

  • Denise

    2 yrs ago is the first time i got anything for valentines day.

  • andrea burns

    please but it is nothing on v day from any man. i buy my own box of chocolates. only had a man tell me i was kinda cute once in my life. have not had another real boyfriend since i was 15 and i am 54. dated losers who just robbed me. i just learned to just stay away. always believed that there was a lid for every pot but just an old wives tale. i am not trying to be debbie downer !!!!!!!!!!!! i wish for you karen an excellent v day with the man of your dreams !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you !!!!!!!!!

  • Beverly Ann Johnson

    Hey girls! You all are going to love this one! My husband and I have been married for some time now, but all I have to do is look into my closet to be reminded of my worst gift. You see, all I could think of back then was about getting married, and all I wanted was a diamond ring! I wanted “Mr. Wonderful” to buy me that diamond ring, wanted him to surprise me with it, put it on my finger, and promise to love me forever and ever! So you can imagine how amazed I was when he came home with a package for me for Valentine’s Day. I was so excited that I could not help but question him about it. He told me that I was going to love this gift, that all of my girlfriends would want one of their very own to wear, and oh, boy, I just knew it was the gift I had been waiting on. And I can tell you too, that, it was a good thing that he had to go out of town for his work before the big day so that I had the opportunity to take a sneak peek, because if I had of opened it in front of him, without being kinda prepared for my surprise, I’m not sure of what my reaction might have been. Like I said it still hangs in my closet, and even though I only wear it for a minute or so every February 14, the pink has faded and it doesn’t fit like it used to, but it has that same surly, bearded face looking out at me with the caption underneath—“Mr. Wonderful”!!! WOW The one thing every woman really wants for Valentine’s Day—-a t-shirt with her old man’s photo—-oh, I did finally get my ring, years after that, but I will never forget that Valentine’s Day and the drama, ooohhhhhhhhhh, the drama!

  • Jeannie OConnor

    My worst Valentine gift was actually the year he forgot! I met my husband online (prior to Match and eharmony and the like)…after chatting online and talking daily he sent me a Vermont Teddy Bear – for Valentine’s day stating it was the first of the rest of our lives of Valentines..that following Christmas I flew to Boston to spend my Christmas vacation with him and his family and he took me to Newport RI where I found this little shop with a piece of art I fell in love with – but since we were planning a wedding I didn’t really think I could afford that piece. So – when he took me to the airport to fly back to MI – he waited for the plane to take off – and he drove to RI that day to get that piece of art. He had it sent to me for Valentine’s day.
    The next year – we were married. I thought how can I do something for him – because of the romantic things he has done in the past – he surely would top himself this year – on our FIRST Valentine’s day after we are married. So I, with the help of his sisters, made a beautiful flower arrangement for him. A dozen rose buds mixed in with a 12 pack of Budwiesers..(2 dozen Buds!)…He was touched…then admitted he forgot Valentine’s day. So just before we are getting ready for bed and I am packing our lunches for work the next day – we discover we are out of bread. He goes to the store and at the grocery store he finds a teddy bear and a left over card and shortly before midnight tries to tell me that he forgot he had this in the car all along (later he admitted he tried to get away with that!).

    It wasn’t the worse thing ever – but sure makes for a great “I have something to remind you for the rest of our lives story!”

  • Summer Davis

    Why these beautiful earrings would make my Valentines Day fantastic – I have been divorced for 20 years. My ex molested my oldest daughter (he went to prison). When this happened, I decided to give my all to my 2 girls and get them thru school and then maybe get a love life. I do not regret my decision at all. My youngest is in 11th grade now. I have volunteered at their schools for years and that itself has brought a lot of enjoyment and love. I hardly ever spend money on me because I want my girls to have good clothing etc. I dislike moms that out dress their children. I will admit these earrings would put me on cloud nine!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  • tarrie

    I would say my worst valentine gift would be a toliet brush. My husband of 21 years is one to be practical, the kids the week of valentines six years ago broke the one we had so beinging the saver that my husband is I should have of guessed what I was getting. Can you imagine a man comming through the door carring a toliet brush brissels up with a ribbon attached to it,and him telling you it was just like getting flowers because he took the time put a ribbon around the handle. I still cant say who laughed more me or the kids, but hay I love him more each day. As we never spend money on each other we try to buy for the kids, so if we need something for the house I seem to recieve it as a gift. I always say that family is my best gift, However I would just love to win these earings. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Doreen Fiedler

    When we were young and broke and first married I thought Valentines Day would be the most important day of the year, boy was I in for a big surprise. About 2 weeks before the big day my husband came home and hid something in the closet. I swore I would not look but that lasted about 1 day. I tore apart the closet but to no avail. I repeated this process once a day while he was at work but I still could not find it. Finally the big day arrived I was so excited. I prepared a candlelight dinner and when he arrived home I told him I could no longer wait for the surprise. He went to the bedroom to retrieve my gift which took him about 20 minutes. He had put it in a big box with a bow, how excited I was. After I opened the box I reached in to find a Phillips 66 duffle bag which he told me he received for filling up his tank 10 times. He was really proud and thought it was really cool. I was so mad the next day I burned it with the trash in the incinerator in the apartment basement. So now every dam Valentines Day I still hear, remember when I got you that bag I wonder what happen to it.

  • Dinny

    Dear Karen I have read so many I don’t know how you are going to even choose..
    But here does my story ..
    I was a single mother with 2 kids that have ADHD. I thought I would never meet another nam again in my life due to these two. But one day I was with my friend and her mother who was in her 90’s back then, said I needed to find a good man. Well she didn’t know I was trying to get rid of a bad one first. But she just kept on going and so I then just told her. She looked at me and said, no excuse, she then grab the Rural Light ( a magazine here in the west that the electric company gives out) and said here write to this man. I though oh no , but started writting, thinking that I will never hear from this man. As I got done she took the letter, read it over and then mailed it off. Well I did hear from him, I got a phone call and we hit it on. I decided to go for a visit not knowing really who this man is.
    I arrived at 10 PM and out in the middle of no where in Idaho.
    He was a (and still is ) kind man and not bad looking either. But it was the next morning when I meet his kids who was standing in front of me and asking right away. Will you be our Mommy now, I didn’t know what to think.
    We all got along great, and then came the time to leave, All 4 of them didn’t want me to leave. So I told them I would think about it. Yeah think about it alright, when I got home my friend and her mother got to work on me to move up there. So I did with my two kids. We was an instant family one could say. But as time went by, no one would ever think how I would feel on Valentine, because in Europe they don’t celebrate that day then. So I would see all these Mom’s getting cards and hearts of chocolates and what ever. But never me.
    One day I ask my ( now husband) why I never get anything. He said that he thought I didn’t care about things like such. I told him that it would be nice to know I am loved , even though I am.
    So nothing else became of that until the next year I recieved a heart with chocolates. He gave it to me before I got out of bed. I thought this was lovely, I felt special, but it was a start. Then the next year I got nothing again. So I didn’t say anything, till one of the kids ask me if I got a gift from Daddy this year, I told him no..I did feel sad in away, but it was okay, I could live through it, I thought. As time went on every one in town thought we was married, but we wasn’t. Never really had time to think about it really. Untill one day on a valentine day I got a box of chocolates. I though how strange this is, I was happy no the less and opened it. Funny thing was there was a bread winder in it. Very strange if you ask me. It was in the shape of a ring kind of, but never thought about it more and just threw it away.
    My husband then later that day asked if I liked my box of chocolates. I said well yes of course I do, and then told him about the bread winder.
    He laught but said nothing else.
    Later that evening at the dinner table we always talk about what we did that day and it is always dad that talks the last. As he was talking about his day at the end he said that we got engage. I looked at him as all 5 kids look at me and then my hand. I spoke and told the kids that I think your father had hit a tree branch today for no such thing has happen. Our oldest daughter said, yeah dad must have since I don’t see no ring on your finger Mum. So we ended our evening with father laughting.
    I have never recieved that ring, and now that we are married,I still never got it, I still have the bread winder, because I went in the trash that evening and dug it out. Since then I always hope to get a box of chocolates from my husband, but I never find the ring inside it. Maybe one day who knows. But I still don’t even know if we did get engaged on that day, but it is a day a always ponder on. ( just so you know this is a true story, we got married on the 31 Dec’ 1999 at 4 PM which would have been midnight in Europe 1999 – 2000 so that is a day my husband never forgets, only Valentine he does)

  • Tami Stapleton

    I think I have given the worst Valentines Day gift to my husband of 21 years~

    Back in the late 1990s my husband and I were going through a rough patch and we were on the verge of divorce~ Around Valentines Day we were trying really hard to make it work, so I went to a local Men’s clothing store and put a nice suit on layaway. The day I went to pay it off and pick it up he made me very mad so I told the store to keep the suit and give me my money back and I went out and bought myself a few things I had been wanting~ Valentines Day rolled around and I had NO money to buy him a gift (we had since made up) so I got a rock and wrapped it up and gave it to him as a gag gift! He did NOT think it was funny~ He always reminds me of this on Valentines Day~

  • Cindy

    I guess I am(not) disappointed just about every Valentines day. We never had money when we first got married, so we never got each other things. It just kind of stayed that way. He did buy me things once in a while,or get me a card. Which were real surprises, I know he loves me so I don’t need material things.

  • http://NA farkhanda ayaz

    I want to give a special gift at valantines day.

  • Jennifer

    My worst Valentines Day present would be the year he took a pack of old, stale M&M’s miniatures from the kids candy they had received back in October for Halloween that didn’t get eaten, folded a piece of paper in half for the card and taped the M&Ms to it. I even saw him doing it wondering what was up when he hands it to me and says “Happy V day!” LOL. All I could do was laugh about it, because complaining would just make me more miserable and it wouldn’t have changed anything anyway. So short and pathetic, that is my story about my worst gift :D.

  • laura k

    Well, I’m not sure if you could call this a Valentine’s ‘gift’ but it was certainly the worst of days. My husband (now my ex-husband) went out to pick up a Sunday paper on Valentine’s morning and didn’t return. After hours and hours of pacing the floor, searching for him in my car and crying my eyes out, he finally returned in the evening only to tell me he wasn’t sure why he left but just needed to get away from me – ON VALENTINE’S DAY.
    The upside to this now is that after I divorced him, I later met a man who has more than made up for the ex’s thoughtlessness many times over and would never dream of doing such a thing to me. We’ve been together for 6 years and I’ve never been happier.

  • onegreatsmile

    Worst valentine’s day? 3rd grade when everyone in the class got gobs of valentines from all the classmates, with chocolates, boxes of hearts, valentine jelly beans. Everybody had their hands full. Except me. I got one. From the teacher.
    It cured me of being disappointed on Feb 14 every year~ I lowered my expectations!!!

  • Cindy

    My worst Valentine’s Day gift consisted of the time when my older sister got lots of Valentine candy and cards from lots of boys and I didn’t get a thing…Well my younger brother gave me a piece of chocolate he had bitten off and decided he didn’t like it.

  • Heidi

    Worst Valentine’s Day:
    Newly married, wanted to make a special night for my man.
    I had planted an herb garden; made steak and baked potatoes topped with my freshly grown chives.
    My husband was very gracious but asked what the green was, tasted funny. Went out to my herb garden and realized they were weeds !!! I thought they had grown terribly fast !

  • Dana

    The worst Valentine’s Day gift I received was nothing at all. My husband is not much of a romantic, so I have suffered many unfortunate “holidays” with the ol’ lack-a-gift.

    Last V. Day, he got us a nice hotel room/flowers/candy/the works (boy was I shocked), only to have my back go out (I went to the emergency room that night instead).

  • Jane

    How about recieving a bunch of medical bills sound? I am a Cancer patint since 2005 and lost my leg last year. So due to my med bills we had no $$$$ for V-Day. :( But to give hubby credit he made us a nice dinner at home instead. So happy ending anyway!!! :) Thankyou hubby!

  • Colleen

    Lingerie… every year. It seems more like a present for him! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Beth

    On Valentine’s Day, I gave my fiance a beautiful card. In return, he told me that: (1) He had not gotten me anything; (2) He had changed his mind about marrying me; (3) He was in love with my best friend (whom he later married!); and (4) He was breaking up with me, because he had been secretly “dating” my best friend, behind my back! That was the worst Valentine’s Day gift that I have received — a BROKEN HEART! The good news is that he is now very fat and seems quite unhappy. My former best friend doesn’t seem all that happy that she married him, either.

  • Jackie Burns

    I made my fiancee a pair of satin boxers/sleep shorts. On valentine’s day he went into the bathroom and tried them on. He came out of the bathroom and stood in the hall, and when I turned around to see how they looked, I broke out in laughter and fell down on the floor. The were humungous on him, and his skinny little white legs stood out, and he was wearing black socks. Sorry, maybe you just had to be there. Needless to say, I never made anything for him since.

  • Teri

    I haven’t had a date in over 18 years so Valentine’s Day doesn’t hold any special allure in the romance department for me. But I have lots of fun buying gifts for family and friends. Who says you need a man to have a good Valentine’s Day? Not me.

  • Kristen

    The most unromantic gift I’ve ever received had to be the year my hubby got me a handheld vacuum cleaner and a cookbook. Some people may call that the “worst gift” but I actually loved it! I’m kind of a neat freak and I love to cook :-) Needless to say, it wasn’t very romantic but he did pair it with a sweet card…..and the vacuum WAS pink ;)

  • Janelle

    Last year Valentine’s Day was the very first (and only) valentines my boyfriend and I “shared” together. His idea of a valentines present? A trip for him and his friends to Vegas, leaving me at home and alone.
    Needless to say he didn’t last very long after that.

  • janet lamont

    Truly, I can’t remember a BAD V-day gift — many times was no gift at all, though! Just have to do what the poor people do………(because we ARE poor!!).

  • Leaette

    A boyfriend I had several years ago took me out for a romantic valentines dinner but when the check came his credit card was declined and I had to pay for it and then he never paid me back saying well we both ate. Got rid of him quickly after that.

  • Hope


    1997 I was dating a guy that I worked with. I was 21 and he was 25 at the time and we had been dating each other exclusively for about nine months. He told the girls at work that he was picking up my present during his lunch hour when he was done cashing his paycheck at the bank. When he came back I was so excited to see what he had gotten me. He made this grand presentation in front of everyone and out from behind his back he pulls out this six inch dollar store looking red bear!!! I faked appreciation for it to cover my embarrassment and disappointment and scooted out quickly to cash my own paycheck. Bear in hand I went into the bank and much to my shock…there were tables and tables FULL of these red bears!!!!!! My boyfriend got the bear FREE for opening a saving account there!!! By the end of the day, every employee from our job had cashed their check and knew what he had done!
    Fourteen years later and he is STILL trying to make up for that first Valentine’s Day together! We laugh about it every year! There is no gift that he can buy though really that I would treasure as much as our wonderful years of marriage and our three children! So girls, don’t always count out the guy that cheeses out on Valentine’s Day!

  • Patti Little

    I received the very very best gift a man could give his wife …. lots & lots of love! Every day was Valentine’s Day….for 15 years. Twenty years ago, I lost my sweet husband. ~ I would like to ‘nominate’ a woman to win the earrings. Kelly Walsifer’s fiance, Christopher Matlosz, was killed in the line of duty (a Lakewood NJ police officer) on Friday, January 14, 2011. I do not know her personally, nor did I know Chris. She is facing her first Valentine’s Day without her true love/soulmate. I believe the sparkle of the earrings will remind her of the glittering star that shines down on her…
    her Chris will be with her always. ~ Thank you, Karen, for this opportunity.

  • Anita Knox

    I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten a Valentine’s gift. I’m more the the gift “giver” than receiver. But I love making people happy, so that’s fine with me!

  • Jackie

    My boyfriend (now husband) had a subclavial clot that was showering blood into his lungs, one Jan. day 10 yrs. ago. By the time his symptoms were bothersome we finally went to the ER. He was in a life threatened state. He pulled thru & was home on that Valentines day. I would have to say that He was the best Valentines Gift I could have ever had!!!

  • Alexandria Johnson

    The worst Valentine Gift I ever received was a trilabite fossil.
    I went on over to my then boyfriend’s house armed with gifts including a special Star Wars collectible that he wanted and he apparently had nothing for me. Right after he opened his stuff, he disappeared went into his bedroom and came back with this tiny unwrapped trilabite fossil (it looks like a bug made of stone). Needless to say, I was heartbroken. The Earrings would of course help to bury this painful memory ;-) .

  • Joan Hays

    I received a VERY stale box of chocolates along with a recycled card

  • Lynda

    I would love these earrings, my husband hasn’t been able to buy me anything in the last two years because of no jobs.

  • Debi

    My ex husband…was not very romantic, he was sweet and thoughfull tho. I was having bad back aches and asked him for a niceback massager. I opened a packet and had gotten a sander…. hmmmmm wondereing where I went wrong, he started explaining to me his rationale…. cheaper. can function as more than one thing, and actually comes with 2 different pads… Literally he fired that redneck back massager up and rubbed my back with it…
    I knew right then we just did not see things on the same level…..

  • Laurie

    My husband, who has the biggest heart, and has taken care of me through my illness as well as my 7 surgeries. The illness started 6 mos. after we had gotten married. I had just turned 27 and was going in for my first surgery (A Pituitary cyst and tumor removal). At this time, we had no idea he had BiPolar and a spending problem. I woke up in ICU and the firat thing he said to me was “I bought you an iron, a $90 3 iron. What a sweetheart. he knows I do like practical gifts, but I neber played golf and I believe the gift was really for him. It has been 11 years now and he still takes care of me like no other man I have seen do for their wife. That first year of Valentines Day will always be rememorable.

  • http://www.San-Francisco-waterfront-Attractions.com Patti

    My hubby bought me a hummingbird feeder for Valentine’s Day. I do love hummingbirds but it would have been nice if it was something a little more personal!

    I guess it’s the thought that counts!

  • Laurie

    As much as the earrings are beautiful I do agree that you should give them to someone who has lost a dear relative – in the service of their country. I do not ask for gifts so a small card and sometimes a small stuffed animal has been sufficient.
    Once I got a rose bush and it provided all the flowers needed for many many years. It was an Apricot Nector variety and it was a beautiul peach color.

    Thanks… but share it with someone who needs.

  • Patricia

    I got married young and my husband joined the Air Force. Every Valentine’s Day I got the most beautiful roses delivered to me wherever I was. We were so broke our first married Valetine’s Day; I couldn’t believe my husband would spend they money on something I thought was pretty frivilous. I came to find out that it was my father-in-law (the romantic in the family) who always made sure I got them! He died when we were just 27 y. o. and the roses stopped. I miss him terribly; he was so wonderful that he was actually our Best Man when we got married. Valentine’s Day is now bittersweet with memories of those early days and someone wanting to make sure I felt loved on Valentine’s Day.

  • Jacquelyn

    I would have to say the worst V’day gift I ever got was a bright orange plastic cosmetic mirror. My dad gave it to me while he was enjoying a box of chocolates!

  • http://mybargainbuddy Roberta

    I have to say, It’s this year, My fience’ got a loan for a boat, which is for him & fishing with the guys…All I asked for was a camera..lol

  • Melinda Foster

    My ex-husband was famous for giving me IOU’s on scrap paper! No dinner, chocolate, or roses for me. An IOU! And, we lived in Daytona Beach, so if Nascar had a race on Valentine’s Day, he would go to the races with his FRIENDS! I wasnt even invited to go along, and I love the races….

    PS: The IOU’s were never given. He would write it and forget it…Seriously.

  • Linda

    I received a really nice Chain Saw one year. My husband is very trusting!

  • Joan Smith

    My worst Valentines Day ever was a few years ago…..I didn’t get anything…not even a card. My husband was working so much during that time and he just forgot. When he saw a commercial on t.v. it jogged his memory. He gave mew money to go pick out something. That was not romantic at all…I would rather have had nothing.

  • Nicole

    I have read alot of the entries. And I think there are a few stories I think are winners. It doesn’t matter if I win or not I just want to share. My worst Valentine’s day is every year. My husband birthday is Valentine’s Day so I never get anything.Before we got married I used to get a last minute card from the grocery store that explained how much I meant to him. Now he says it’s his birthday so he don’t have to get me anything. I think I got a reese cup candy bar last year though.

  • jane yates

    My wrose valentine day would be the day my husband did not get me any thing now that happen a few times. But i think he has lern a little something.jane

  • Amy

    I have had many a Valentines day where I have not even gotten a card from my husband. My children always seem to come up with something personal. One year we needed a new freezer and that was my Valentines present. Although it was a needed item, not for Valentines Day. As far as jewelry, my husband thinks it is not needed. It would be great to get a nice pair of earrings.

  • Nicholas Santangelo

    I Received A Chia Pet, It Was Many Years Ago. The First Girl I Dated.

    Never Will Forghet That Valentine’s Day !!

  • Joanna Volk

    Right before we were married I gave my huband a pair of red silk boxer shorts. He decieded he would wear them aat our wedding, unfortuneetly he spent most of the evening with them riding high! He still loves me!

  • Rosie D.

    Valentine’s Day is also my b-day. The first vd/bd after we got married, my sweetie bought me an umbrella and a pair of little white tennies. I didn’t know whether to beat him or kick him. LOL… don’t worry, I didn’t do either.

  • Jessica Hilton

    Mine doesnt believe in valentines day so i dont get anything! :(

  • anne hoffman

    I got a card- very pretty- addressed to me- but with someone elses’s name on the inside!!!!! Idiot!

  • Amanda A

    I’ve spent about an hour reading all of the stories…the funny and the sad. I believe Karen said she was going to select a RANDOM winner, so I will give it a shot. :)

    My worst as a child was when I was like 11-12 and had my little “boyfriend”. All week long he told me I’d get a present at school and I bugged him to death wondering what it would be. I bought him the Poison cassette tape he asked for. At the end of the school day, I did receive a rose and balloon from him and was on cloud nine. That night he dumped me and said he just wanted to get the tape. He even switched it with his sister’s so it wasn’t the one I had given him!

    My current husband and I have been together 5 years. My birthday is 2 weeks before V-Day and on our 1st year together, I asked him to buy me a new gold pendant. I figured telling him what I wanted and being around the time of all the Valentine’s sales that he would buy me something nice. WRONG! He gave me a gold pendant alright…a 1inch teddy bear that would be perfect for a 5 year old…not a pregnant 28 year old! I was sooooo furious at the time, although I can laugh about it now. We went straight to the mall to return it, I found a nicer pendant I liked (mother/child) that became my birthday/valentine’s present. Now every year I either buy my own gift, we buy something both of us can use, or we just go without. He doesn’t try to surprise me anymore. LOL

  • AshleyC

    This year will be the best Valentines day for my hubby and myself. Instead of him going out and paying double for roses or even more on a fancy dinner with a big ticket, we decided to change things up a bit. This year we will have the kiddies stay at Grandmas, he will pick up a great wine, I will make a fabulous dinner, and we topped it off by telling everyone we are going out of town so no phone calls!! A private weekend free of interruptions all within the comforts of our home!

  • http://www.mybargainbuddy.com/about.shtml Karen

    Yes, the winner will be chosen randomly. There is no way I could pick a “best” story. :)

  • Barb Pound

    The worst Valentine present I got was a leaf rake and rubber cart to work in the yard. I have to admit I have used them, but come on, really, not romantic AT ALL!!

  • Bambi Helmick

    In the 21 years I have been with my husband , I have yet to receive a Valentines day gift!! But I can also say that he has made up for it in so many other ways.

  • Amanda S

    I was ten years old and my bestfriend (a boy) bought me a box of chocolates but I was late to meet him and he ate them all. ;)

  • http://big.jim@mindspring.com ruth trychel

    pick me

  • Debbie Darling

    The worst Valentine present I received was a gift card for gas

  • Marilynn Walton

    The worse is when I get nothing at all…or when I have to cook the meal


    A brass ash bucket for the fire place. Yeh like right. Not my job to clean.

  • http://poppyridge@frontiernet.net grace zgraggen

    An iron! Who irons anymore?

  • Maureen

    The worst valentine’s gift I ever received was a fish sandwich from McDonald’s in the shape of a heart! Did I mentioned I didn’t eat at McDonalds?

  • Debi

    The worst valentines gift I ever received was cleaning supplies~ in a cute basket yes.. but cleaning supplies.

  • Amanda Garner

    The absolute worst valentine I ever received was from my husband (now of 15 years) but at the time I think we had been married about 5 years. He actually gave me some jumper cables and an emergency set to keep in my car. I don’t know what he was thinking, jumper cables??? Needless to say, he has played it very safe with valentine gifts since that episode :)

  • http://Baraginbuddy.com Diane L

    Chocolates the day after.

  • P Muldowney

    The absolute worst Valentine ever was when my hubby, (now married 31 years) bought me a Handi-Vac for a gift. I told him he could keep it and wanted to know where my REAL gift was. Unfortunately, that was it.

  • Marla Buchanan

    My worst valentine gift was given to me by an ultra-health-conscious ex. His expression of love included a gift certificate for a free colon screening from a neighborhood physician’s office:-(

    Needless to say, the only gunk I had removed was the ex boyfriend, and I felt a lot cleaner and light on my feet afterward:-)

    Marla Buchanan
    410 N 3rd St
    Earlville,Il 60518

  • Wendy Joffe

    The worst Valentine’s gift I received was a subscription to a gym. I weigh 100 lbs. & am in good shape! He was serious. I sent him packing.

  • Renee Strange

    I collect depression glass and one year my boyfriend proudly gave me my Valentine gift. As I unwrapped it, I looked at him in amazement. It was a dirty cobalt blue vase, with mud on the inside! I said what is this? You gave me a dirty vase? He said he thought antiques were supposed to be dirty. Needless to say, I let him know that was not the case. Fortunately, he excelled in other areas, so I let him slide that time.

  • Deanna

    My worst Valentine’s day gift was a single rose. The rose came from the guy I was seeing. He took it from his girlfriend’s bouquet that he had gotten her.

  • lissette

    I guess my post isn’t sowing up. Let’s try this again. Worst Valentine is ever received was nothing…that is what happens when your man breaks up with you the day before.

  • Susan Brown

    The worst Valentine’s Day gift was a 49 cent dress pattern given to me in a brown paper bag from my husband on our first Valentine’s Day after we were married. My husband was the manager of a fabric store and had to work the night shift. We have been married for 23 years and he has more than made up for that gift.

  • jean

    My worst Valentine’s Day gift received was a hand carved UPS truck that my husband thought was so funny as I am always looking for a win from my contest entries. lol Actually, it was quite a feat. He even got the color down pat!

  • Sally Damazio

    A childs Valentine’s Card with no envelope and not signed. It had little slots in it to put 10 quarters in the slots before you give the card. There were no quarters in the card. This was my first Valentines Day with my husband. We have been married for 20 years. He isn’t a whole lot better on Valentine’s Day but he is a wonderful husband otherwise.

  • Rosemary Simm

    I had asked my husband for a shaver for my legs prior to Valentines Day.
    When I asked him if he got me a gift late that day, he returned to the bedroom and gave me his safety razor with whiskers still attached.
    No wonder he’s an ex.

  • kim

    My husband installed a dishwasher he got me for Christmas! (finally…)

  • AudreyL

    My worst Valentine gift was no gift at all…my husband just completely ignored me. It was a sad, empty feeling.

  • http://www.theholleyherald.com Aisha

    My ex boyfriend gave me a deodorant. He said I need it for our Valentine’s night.


    I gave my husband a pair of undies on sale that were way too big for him! it was pretty funny seeing him trying to put them on for me being a good sport that he is.

  • Rebecca

    Ok, YEARS ago…I’ll never forget a boyfriend of mine from the 8th grade writing me a letter and poem…the letter began: “Dear Swettie”…hmmm…I’ll never forget being called “Swettie” LOL

  • http://MyBargainBuddy Camille

    A boyfriend in high school passed me in the hall and handed me a poem for Valentines Day, it read:

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Purple
    You are as Sweet
    As Maple Syrple…

    I have never forgotten his sweet words ;)

  • Sherry

    Years ago my ex-husband gave me a unsigned Valentine card – still in the store’s bag – and said Happy Valentine’s Day. I got rid of the card and him!

  • Heather

    For Valentines day I got a ecard on my computer. He said he didn’t have time to go out and get a gift. Why is the women can remember but guys just can never do. Unless its a new romance then of course. lol.

  • http://mybargainbuddy.com Ruth Ralls

    The worse Valentine gift I got was NOTHING!!! No candy, no card, no flowers!!!!!!!!! Boo Hoo

  • Dustin Haywood

    I once gave a girl a giant bear and flowers then come to find out that she already had a boyfriend that she hadn’t told me about.

  • http://www.antoinetteart.net Antoinette

    I received a Venus Fly Trap plant in a box from someone who intended it to be insulting… I was predictably disappointed and very insulted. My house has a lot of sculpture and paintings I create and/or buy, but it is clean and no bugs, especially no flies! Blessings to you, Antoinette

  • Nina

    Instead of a dozen roses, I got a rose bush, he dug it up from someone’s garden…

  • laurie s

    One of the few and far between Valentine gifts I received from my ex while we were married for 27 years was a jewelry box, clearance price tag still attached, which he presented to me “with pride” in front of my mother inlaw and father inlaw…the handles on the drawers were broken…and he said “well, I know you’re handy so I’m sure you can fix it”…My inlaws starting laughing in full support…can you believe it? i spent weeks saving for a Movado watch that he lusted over for years as a congratulatory gift after knowing he was to get a promotion, and a big screen TV for our team’s Superbowl game…you would think he would learn…but no, I get a broken jewelry box and not even a piece of jewelry to put in !

  • Heidi

    Well the worst gift I ever received for valentines day was a pet , not a warm fuzzy one mind you. He handed me a cloth bag, you couldn’t see into it. It was wiggling around… as he held the bag so I could untie it I jumped back when I opened it and saw a snake inside! Oh yes and to top it off , not even a cage to go with it. Worst valentines ever!

  • Rebecca Winkles

    The worest Valentines gift that I ever got was when I was engaged with this guy that I had been with for 7yrs, we were out to eat and one of my best friends had showed up and told me that they had been sleeping together for the past 6 months and we were suppose to get married in 3 wks. All of the invites had been sent out, I had bought my dress and had already paid over $4,000 dollars on the food and entertainment. I was so upset because this all happened in front of over 100 people, I had to call my mom to come and pick me up from where we were at.

  • Elaine

    The worst Valentines gift came in a Christmas bag that was obviously used with the name tag of ANOTHER girl still attached. I open it and it’s a bear holding a sign that says “I Love You”. The bear was dirty and had been used. The plastic it was in must have came out of the trash because it was all wrinkled and looked old. He is an ex for a reason!!! I sometimes wonder if he found it in the trash??!!

  • Nancy

    The worst gift I ever got was from my husband (former now). He had burned up by blow dryer the week before, and bought me a new one for Valentines Day. He nearly had it wrapped around his head, and learned a necessary lesson. Valentine gifts do not have plugs!

  • http://www.mybargainbuddy.com/about.shtml Karen

    Congratulations to Valerie in Texas! She won the diamond earrings from Netaya!

    I’d like to thank everyone who submitted their story. I had a lot of fun reading them all!

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