December 20, 2010

Wirefly has over 30 Free smartphones!

WireflyWirefly has over 30 Free smartphones!
Free activation and Free FedEx shipping. New Service contract required. Scroll to bottom of their page and click link to view all. Carriers include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.


  • andrea burns

    this company won’t send you your rebate. i had to call the local tv station consumer reporter after fighting with them for 6 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!! after i sent her all my paperwork a month later i got a check in the mail. cell phone companies prorate your bill so they say you did not pay your bill in full for the first 3 months which is not true. karen i did not tell you this because years ago when i bought that phone and call plan it was not on your website. do not buy anything from them.

  • Emmes

    I’ve ordered from this site before and have been VERY PLEASED with the service, the phone and the price. I just ordered (mid-November) a brand new DROID X for my oldest son for Christmas. He received the phone in about a week. We have VERIZON, so make sure you are eligible for the “new every 2” (like I am) or upgrade before you make a purchase. I called Verizon to make sure this site was legit because the Droid I purchased for $150 was $600 on the Verizon site! Verizon told me it doesn’t matter where I purchase the phone. I already had the unlimited data package on his old phone (EnV Touch), so all I needed was to purchase the phone.

    I’m sorry Andrea had problems with this site, but they were nothing short of professional and prompt with my service. Their phones are NEW and more affordable than your local carrier. Thumbs up from me!

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