April 12, 2010

10 Pairs of Women's Mudd Sunglasses : $9.99 (reg. $220)

10 Pairs of Women's Name-Brand Sunglasses10 Pairs of Women’s Mudd Sunglasses : $9.99 (reg. $220)
Price valid 4/12/10 only. Glasses will ship on 4/21.


  • Jrobertson911

    Sold out already.

  • Tina

    Says sold out

  • Karin

    Great deal, got it before.

  • Pamela Liberto

    I got this deal emailed to me at 12:11 pm and tried to order but according to abover boggers it was already sold out by 10:07am. I do not think that is right to send out offer and it not be available! I wanted to order this item!!

  • Bethany

    I got this fabulous deal another time that it was offered. Great quality sunglasses! I kept a few for myself, gave a few away.

  • andrea

    the best bargain around thank you karen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bought twice, second time told them no brown and colors which they listened to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i have 20 pairs so i can wear a different pair all the time. i had like 50 pairs from living in the czech republic when the dollar was low so only a $1.00 a pair and could not find them when i was cleaning out stuff !!!!!!!!! these are big which i like this style !!!!!!!!!!!!!! great quality too !!!!!!!!!!!!! to those who did not get them watch the daily deal every day and they might have more !!!!!!!!!!!!! i was surprised they had it again in late march !!!!!!!!!!!! i have a couple of pairs of real raybans but i am very careful not to lose them when i wear them.

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