September 8, 2010

17pc Silicone Bakeware Set : $17.99 + Free S/H (reg. $49.99)

17pc Silicone Bakeware Set17pc Silicone Bakeware Set : $17.99 + Free S/H (reg. $49.99)
Smartware bakeware heats evenly and cools quickly. Even heat transfer means everything you cook and bake—from bread to lasagna, roasts to fresh cookies—will cook more evenly. You’ll eliminate hot spots and cold spots. Also, Smartware bakeware allows you to use less fat and oil when you cook, lowering calories and increasing flavor.


  • Cheryl

    I love, love, love to bake and have had no success with anything silicone. It is really hard to clean and there is no reason to switch from your regular bakeware. Just my opinion.

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