February 10, 2012

1yr of Entertainment Weekly : Only $20

1yr of Entertainment Weekly

Today: $20
Was: $169.85
Only 38¢ per issue!
Expires: 2/21/12

Get a front row seat for the latest on movies, TV, music, and more, with Entertainment Weekly’s award-winning news, reviews, and feature stories. Each issue goes behind the scenes to deliver the buzz, the biz, and the best in entertainment news – every week!

  • Karen

    I couldn’t get the site to accept my credit card… there is no a “Contact Us” option either… makes me a little leery! 

    • Their contact info is on their terms of use page. Here you go, Karen. 🙂

      Time Customer Service 
      3000 University Center Drive
      Tampa, Florida 33612-6408
      phone:  1-866-482-2945

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