August 16, 2012

2yr Discover Magazine Subscription : $9.98

2yrs of Discover Magazine

Today: $9.98
Was: $49.90
Expires: 8/16/12

Discover the latest science and technology news and keep up with today’s fast changing world. Each issue features general interest science news, articles, and current events on today’s hot topics like technology, space, environment, health, and more.

  • Tink

    I tried to order this, but it wants to charge me $49.90 even with the coupon code. So watch your transaction or there may be a rude surprise.

    • Perhaps you are not entering the coupon correctly. MYBARGAINBUDDY – no spaces. If you are pasting it in, make sure there are no spaces before or after. And when you enter the coupon, hit the apply button. The code works.

  • Brenda

    it worked for me $41.92

  • Momnick8

    Thanks Karen. This will come in just in time for my son’s 18th birthday.

  • Jataiea

    Worked great for me.  Gift for grandson instead of video games

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