November 10, 2011

$25 Auto Zone Gift Card : $15 + Free S/H

$25 Auto Zone Gift Card

Today: $15 + Free S/H
Order by 11/11/11

First time buyers only. Not valid for purchase with SaveMore credit. Voucher will be available for redemption on 11/15. Limit one per household. Gift card does not expire.

  • Candy

    I do not recommend you buy from this site.  I bought two gift cards last week.  I received the email saying that I could get them.  When I tried, the code I received did not work (on one of them).  The second one did work, but it was not a gift card.  It was for Subway and it said I had to go to their website to redeem it.  There is no place on the Subway site to use the code.

  • LLM

    Not happy at all. I ordered the AutoZone Gift Card deal back in the beginning of November and here it is Dec. 23rd and i have not received it yet. I called customer service about a week ago and they said they were working on getting them mailed out. STILL? It’s been way over a month. Now there is one Christmas gift that I’m going to have to replace. it would have been nice if SaveMore could have at least communicated the issue with me weeks ago! Very disappointed. 

    • I’m sorry to hear they are taking so long. 🙁 Please keep me posted.

  • Tomgeorge

    Hello Karen

    Please warn your subsribers in dealing with SaveMore.   I have purchased the AutoZone Gift card and still have not received it.  Nearly 2 1/2 months later I am not able to get any to call me back from SaveMore after leaving (5) messages.  I also have made additional purchases from SaveMore with the same issues.  Obviously I didn’t learn the first time.

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