October 9, 2009

3 Watches in a Jewelry Roll : $19.99 (reg. $120 & $149.99)

3 Watches in a Jewelry Roll : $19.99 (reg. $120 & $149.99)
Price valid 10/09/09 only. Choice of men’s or women’s styles. Brands like Waltham, Benrus and Sharp.

  • John Ferreira

    That’s one more gift I can cross off my list for Christmas shopping. Thanks Karen!

  • Valerie Browning

    For quite sometime, I have not been able to click through to your deals. Even if I come to your site as I am now, an error page comes up when I click on,”3 Watches in a Jewelry Roll.” I wrote once before about this problem and asked you the name of the site you were referring to in one of your newsletters and you sent me the online address. Maybe it would be a good idea to give the website in all of your deals, if possible, so all of us who cannot get through can enjoy your great bargains as well.
    Valerie Browning

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