January 11, 2015

Brother Personal Labeler : Only $9.99

Brother Personal Labeler

Today: $9.99
Was: $29.99
Expires: 1/17/15

Features 3 changeable faceplates to help personalize your labeler. Add up to eight stylish patterns to your home labeling applications using the “Deco Mode” feature. With its small, handheld design, the PT-90 fits perfectly in a bag for on-the-go labeling. Avoid shipping fees and pick up for Free at your local Staples store.

  • Ali

    When I add the Brother Personal Labeler to my cart, it says it is $29.99. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Sorry, Ali. This sale was posted on 10/28 and it has since expired.

      • Ali

        Oh bummer! Thank you for replying Karen 🙂

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