December 10, 2014

Butterball Turkey Fryer : $50

Butterball Turkey Fryer

Today: $50
Was: $159.99
Expires: Unknown

Electric indoor fryer uses 33% less oil than conventional fryers. Cooks turkeys as large as 14 pounds in just 4 minutes per pound. Great reviews! This item is not available for shipping. It must be ordered online and picked up at a Walmart location near you.

  • Carrie

    This is a great deal! We just bought one from Costco for $134.  The turkey turned out great!

    • I ordered one of these and used it on Thanksgiving. It was the best turkey I’ve ever eaten. I couldn’t believe it was turkey. It was so moist! Everyone raved about it and wanted to know where to buy a fryer for themselves. 🙂

    • TunaBlue

      The one you bought was the XL model, and the one that cooks a 14lb. turkey is the smaller version. Both goods units, but I like the larger XL for shear capacity.

  • Lasonyamullins

    I purchased this last year for Thanksgiving and it is the best! It is all good for other things especially when you are cooking for large crowds!

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