May 19, 2014

Dusty Was Here

The other day, I heard a loud “thunk” on the family room window. Thinking it was probably a neighbor kid’s ball coming over for a visit, I was surprised to see nothing when I went out to investigate. I shrugged it off and thought nothing else of it.

Last night, while I was in the backyard with my dogs, I noticed what looked like a big smudge on one of the windows. When I got closer, I could see the “smudge” had a perfect outline of a bird in full flight. I could even see his eye! Poor little dude! I checked the bushes and didn’t find a body, so hopefully he recovered and only suffered a minor headache. I told my kids this is one “pet” we can keep. I think we are going to name him Dusty.


  • DebP56

    Sure it wasn’t an angel just checking in?

  • Deedee

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