November 18, 2011

Great minds think alike

Yesterday, I took my girls to Kohl’s and gave them each $30 worth of Kohl’s cash to spend. They are old enough now that when I take them clothes shopping, we use the “divide and conquer” technique and meet at the registers when everyone is done.

I bumped into my 14-year-old daughter in the socks section. It was obvious she was pondering something while she was browsing the “no-show” socks. When I asked her what was up, she said she wanted to get the socks, but was worried that her sister would “borrow” them. While she didn’t like the nude color, she thought she should get them anyway because her sister would not like them. I told her that was a great idea.

When we got to checkout, the girls placed their items on the counter and were dismayed to see they both had packages of nude colored no-show socks! Turns out my 17-year-old had the same concern and solution. I told them I wasn’t surprised. After all, they learned how to be practical from the same person. 😉

  • Maria

    too funny!

  • Kmtdaisy

    That’s a cute story.
    I love shopping at Kohl’s.

  • Thebramble

    Too funny … my sister and I are a lot alike in that respect.  We aren’t the same clothes size, so it’s never a problem with sharing.  That, and the fact that we live 1.5 hours away from each other!

  • Cheri7967

    Too funny.. I just send my granddaughter my $30.00 in Kohls Cash.  Let’s see what she comes up with.  That is a great store. 

  • How satisfying that must feel to know that you are imprinting your values on your daughters. Good job.

  • Adriegirl2

    That is sooo cute.  Like mother, like daughters. 

  • John Ferreira

    I’m not used to the format of your new webpage design. Where do I find the coupon codes?

    • Sorry, John. Keeping up with that part of my website just became too much and I no longer list coupon codes.

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